Zakiya Thomas

Zakiya Thomas – President and CEO of the ERA Coalition/Fund for Women’s Equality

Zakiya Thomas joins us today to talk about her work with the National Women’s Party. Recently she helped elect Sheriff Stacy Kincaid and Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax – both whom are making positive impacts in their communities!

Thomas has over 10 years of experience helping businesses, nonprofits and political campaigns transform. Her consulting firm was built upon the philosophy of “doing well while doing good”, helping organizations grow, adapt and thrive.

Early Life and Education

Zakiya Thomas, president and CEO of ERA Coalition/Fund for Women’s Equality, brings an impressive repertoire to her position. She has served as political strategist, nonprofit manager, as well as founding her own consulting firm under the motto of “doing well while doing good,” providing assistance for small businesses, startups, and nonprofits to flourish.

She serves on numerous nonprofit boards that focus on reproductive rights and individual financial empowerment, and as an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law she offers a nonpartisan course on running for office.

Elisa Parker of Equal Voices hosts this episode of Equality Talks where Elisa Thomas discusses her efforts in building a diverse coalition that now represents 80 million champions for sexual equality. They discuss the significance of developing strong partnerships that combine gender, racial, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ issues to unite people behind one shared goal.

Professional Career

Zakiya Thomas is an award-winning strategist and campaign manager who assists nonprofits, political campaigns, businesses and entrepreneurs transform. Her work ranges from managing Democratic candidate campaigns to expanding small businesses; additionally she founded her own consulting firm that operates under the philosophy of “doing good while doing well”, helping organizations adapt, grow and thrive.

In 2015, she managed Sheriff Stacy Kincaid’s successful campaign to become the first female sheriff ever elected in Fairfax County’s 276-year history. Subsequently in 2017, she managed Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax’s campaign.

She has also supported Lea DeLaria, known for her role in Orange is the New Black as Sophia, by working on her campaign and serving as an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law, teaching a nonpartisan course about running for office.

Achievement and Honors

Zakiya Thomas has over a decade of experience serving as a campaign manager and political strategist, assisting nonprofits, businesses, political campaigns and individual to meet their goals. Additionally, she founded and led her own consulting firm devoted to “doing well while doing good”, encouraging communities, individuals and organizations alike to achieve their full potential.

She has overseen successful campaigns for Sheriff Stacy Kincaid and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia. Additionally, she has helped manage other campaigns, such as Kamala Harris and Dr. Woody Myers.

As president and CEO of the ERA Coalition, she works to change how we talk about issues so as to unite people around equality as their common goal.

Personal Life

Thomas lives with her daughter in Washington DC. As a licensed social worker and volunteer group facilitator for parenting education programs, she also sits on the Board of Pro-Choice Virginia. Additionally, Thomas serves as an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law where she offers a course that covers how to run for political office without using party affiliation as an argumentative point.

Elisa Parker talks to Zakiya Thomas of the Equal Rights Amendment Coalition and Fund for Women’s Equality about their efforts to pass an Equal Rights Amendment into our Constitution.

Thomas has over 10 years of experience as a campaign manager and political strategist, working with nonprofits, political campaigns, businesses, and entrepreneurs to meet their goals and execute on them successfully. Her track record speaks for itself – she has helped candidates overcome challenges while exceeding expectations to secure victory!

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