Ximena New Boyfriend

Ximena Morales Has a New Boyfriend

Ximena now has a boyfriend named Josh Romeo. She reportedly met him while traveling to Columbia. While the relationship lasted for a year, it ended prematurely. They had originally planned to travel to Colombia’s Cartagena. However, they split up soon after. Fans were left wondering if Ximena was in the relationship for the right reasons. During a recent tell-all episode, she revealed her new relationship.

It is impossible to know how long the new relationship lasted, but it seems serious. Recently, the actress shared photos of a man on her social media accounts. Ximena had previously been dating Mike Berkowitz who was a contestant in the reality show 90 Day Fiance. Mike was supportive and paid for Ximena’s rent. They were thought to have been engaged, but they split up later.

Josh, Ximena’s new boyfriend is from Canada. He is from Edmonton. He is from Edmonton. Regardless of whether this is a true relationship, it is a rumor.

The cast of the hit series has been busy filming in New York. Fans are eagerly awaiting the final filming session. Fans are eager to see the scene in which Mike tells Ximena “I did” and then runs away from her.

Ximena Morales’ new boyfriend, Josh Romeo Dugas, is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The actor was previously in a relationship with another woman for eight years. They were even engaged for four consecutive years. His net worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be between $1 million-$5 million.

If you’re wondering if Ximena is a Spanish name, you can look up a related name in the SSA public database. It is an old Spanish and Portuguese version of the Hebrew name Simon, which means “hearer.” It is a well-known Spanish-speaking name. Another alternative spelling of Ximena is Jimena.

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