Wilhelmina Thomas

Wilhelmina Thomas of Tampa, Florida, Passes Away

Wilhelmina Barnett and Lachez Thomas celebrated the return of 5-month-old Kason with family at a family gathering, as well as thanking those who assisted in searching for his twin brother Kyair who was taken from their car on Dec. 19.

Wilhelmina Hetzel was born at her baptism place. She married Heinrich Hetzel and went on to have six children before ultimately passing away at her death place.

Early Life and Education

Wilhelmina Thomas was born in Mobile, Alabama and later raised in Coden before attending Fairhope High School where she graduated in 1959. Wilhelmina Thomas has often been compared to the abstractions found in Byzantine mosaics as well as Georges Seurat’s Pointillist technique – but her own distinctive style can be discerned through her art work.

She married Henry Goecke and together they had seven children. Unfortunately she passed away at age 77 in Death Place, Pennsylvania.

She started painting traditional subjects but gradually progressed into abstract work, which was featured at museums including Howard University Gallery as well as numerous solo exhibits. Her artwork was recognized as an influential African American female artist; receiving several awards over time and becoming a member of American Federation of Artists since 1966.

Professional Career

Wilhelmina Thomas has had an acclaimed career in education. She has served with several schools and taught numerous students; additionally, she has served on multiple boards of directors for different organizations.

She is well known as an active volunteer, especially her dedication to children’s causes. For this, she has received many honors and awards over time for her dedication and hard work in the community.

She has two siblings: Margaret Applegate and Elizabeth Ann Thomas (born Goecke). She has been married to Henry Krenzke for three years; together, they have one child. Originally residing in Traverse City, Michigan she joined the Mormon Church and donated millions of dollars in charitable giving efforts throughout her lifetime.

Achievement and Honors

Wilhelmina Thomas was one of the first black female undergraduate students at Duke University and helped to pave the way for future generations of students of color. She was selected for Phi Beta Kappa and awarded a Woodrow Wilson Scholarship, as well as being active in civil rights movement activities such as signing an open letter protesting Duke administrators and faculty membership in Hope Valley Country Club (an all-white country club).

She later married Frank Edwards and settled in South Dakota, serving as president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

She visited the United States between June and August 1942 and addressed both Houses of Congress. Later that year, the American Association of Women honored her by proclaiming her Woman of the Year.

Personal Life

Families attended the Countryway Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Tampa, Florida where she participated as part of a choir and children’s church class choir, in addition to taking part in their annual Christmas Pageant.

Wilhelmina has made several appearances on the show, such as in “Mirror Madness” and “Home Away From Home.” Despite her devious ways, Wilhelmina has displayed some redeeming qualities; one being her tearful embrace when Dorothy finally left Oz.

Her death sent shockwaves through the nation; she was the last male-line descendant from the House of Orange-Nassau and it marked an unprecedented event since 1795; mourners donned white to express their sadness during her funeral held at Het Loo Palace on November 28.

Net Worth

Wilhelmina International Inc specializes in fashion model management. They offer traditional and full-service fashion modeling and talent management services, representing and managing models, entertainers, artists, athletes and other talents for various clients such as retailers, designers, advertising agencies, print/electronic media platforms and catalog companies.

The company was established in 1996 and is based out of New York City. As of December 31st 2023, they had amassed a market cap of $0.02B.

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