What Is Taping And How Does It Help My Sports Injury?

You may be wondering, “What is taping?” Taping is a medical procedure that prevents injured muscles and joints moving. You can use tape for knee, ankle and anterior cruciate ligament injuries. Learn more about Kinesio tape.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape can help with healing of sports injuries. However, it should be applied by a trained sports therapy professional, as improper application can aggravate the injury. It should be applied to a dry, clean area without any lotions or moisturizers. Once the tape is on the affected area, it should be anchored to the skin with an anchor end.

Ankle Taping

Ankle taping is a great way to reduce the discomfort associated with a sports injury and to help prevent further injury. The tape should be placed on the affected ankle area and be tight enough to hold the ankle in the desired position. Some athletes prefer to tape their ankles in an X-shape, with the ends behind the leg. However, if the athlete experiences discomfort while wearing the tape, they should consult a physician before continuing.

Knee Tapping

Knee taping is a great way to manage discomfort caused by knee injuries. A sports physiotherapist can demonstrate the correct technique for your injury. Maryke Louw, a chartered physiotherapist, has 15 years of experience and holds a Masters degree in Sports Injury Management.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Taping

Anterior Cruciate ligament tape is a treatment that prevents excessive internal rotation and hyperextension. It reduces the anterior movement of tibia relative the femur and protects the knee from injury. A licensed sports medicine specialist can apply tape to the knee. It is important to choose the correct tape type and configuration. The tape may stay in place if you apply lotion or tape pre-wrapped to the skin before applying it.

Ankle Bracing

Ankle braces prevent ankle injuries by providing stability to the joint and compression. They reduce ankle roll. Ankle braces can reduce pain and allow you to return to your favorite sport. There are several types of ankle braces to choose from.

Taping For Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprain taping is a great way to protect your ankle and encourage healing. It helps ligaments regain their natural strength and allow your proprioception to return to normal. Although it is not a permanent solution to your problem, it can provide immediate relief.

Ankle Lateral Collateral Ligament Taping

Taping the ankle lateral collateral ligament can be used to treat sports injuries in many ways. It can reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation in the ankle. The ideal technique for ankle taping is a functional, comfortable one that provides extra support and stability to the ankle. If your sports injury is minor, you may be able to resume normal activity after a few days of ankle taping.

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