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Wes Henry – An NFT Artist

Wes Henry is an artist that has emerged rapidly into the New Frontier Art world. A digital fine artist specializing in digital works that invoke stillness within viewers, Wes aims to produce art that produces feelings of zen-like tranquillity for audiences who view his pieces.

He has co-founded and been CEO of three technology based companies in the past. He finds immense joy in exploring new technology while witnessing people have their “Aha” moments from experiencing it firsthand.

Early Life and Education

At Wes’ core was his commitment to helping others. He served on his local community council and participated in many civic projects. Additionally, Wes assisted his family’s cattle ranching business by often going out irrigating or riding cattle for them.

Wes was raised in Valley Stream, New York and graduated from Valley Stream Central High School before attending Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio where he played baseball on their college team before receiving several professional contracts to play professionally.

After hearing of Jean’s success with finding her family, Wes submitted a DNA sample to learn more about his roots. Recently he met Deborrah, Alise and Carolyn Smith from his mother’s side at The Resource Center home in LeClaire for the first time.

Professional Career

Wes Henry was an active member of his community and contributed greatly to many local causes. He established a neighborhood crime watch program, served on the board of Windsor Lake Park Homeowner’s Association and taught volunteers. Furthermore, Wes was an avid blood donor.

He became one of only five players in NFL history to hold consecutive leads for yards, attempts, and touchdowns in consecutive seasons – joining LaDainian Tomlinson, Barry Sanders, O.J. Simpson and Tiki Barber as accomplishing such a feat.

He set a franchise record by recording three 200-yard rushing games in one season, earning multiple academic scholarships to attend college; later graduating from University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree.

Achievement and Honors

As well as his ranching business, Wes has been actively involved with various community and state organizations focusing on agriculture. He served as leader of both North Platte Agricultural Association and Nebraska Cattlemen’s Federation; additionally, he is honored as a member of Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement.

Wes Henry has earned numerous honors throughout his career. Known for his commitment to wilderness stewardship, Wes has received recognition with the National Park Service Director’s Wes Henry Excellence in Wilderness Stewardship Award winner. Additionally, honors such as North Platte Chamber of Commerce Boss of the Year and Western Livestock Journal Cattleman of the Month awards have also been bestowed upon him as well as becoming Nebraska Governor’s Business Ambassador and earning Marion H. Dunsmore Memorial Prize and George Eaton Errington Prize awards among others.

Personal Life

Wes is an avid family man and loves spending time with his children. Additionally, he enjoys hunting, fishing and ranching as hobbies; hunting is his preferred mode of hunting while ranching is his specialty. Additionally, Wes is in demand as an IT-related speaker at conferences.

Henry soon began exploring his own family history, using self-determination assistant Britnie Barmore’s help and submitting a DNA sample. Britnie eventually connected Henry with Deborrah Wesley – his mother’s cousin!

Deborrah and Alise Leslie decided to visit Henry at his Resource Center home where he lives with Jean for an overdue family reunion. They presented Henry with a framed photo montage and an abbreviated version of his family tree before sharing information about their ancestry as well as answering any queries he had about his roots.

Net Worth

Wes is an ideal name choice for both boys and girls, both as a first or last name. It has timeless appeal, as well as signifying strength and freedom of spirit.

Henry DiCarlo has earned several accolades and awards for his work as a meteorologist and sportscaster. He graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology from Mississippi State University and now works at KTLA 5 Morning News.

He has appeared in multiple projects, such as Grandpas Over Flowers and One Christmas. With an estimated net worth of $5 Million and father to five children, this actor enjoys playing games, computing and traveling – as well as fishing and being outdoors.

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