Vadalya Thomas

Vadalya Thomas

Vadalya Thomas developed an early fascination for electronics and physics. Though she wasn’t encouraged to explore these fields of interest, she found ways to follow them and pursue her interests.

Thomas developed an illusion transmitter which produces optical illusion images through two concave mirrors, working for NASA as part of their research efforts.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised by parents who instilled in her the importance of education and hard work. Her father, Rolston “Rally” Thomas, loved telling stories which had an influence on her writing – something which Thomas credits him with inspiring. She pursued journalism as a career path after meeting Rolston “Rally”.

High school was an incredible experience for her, excelling at mathematics and science despite the opposition of peers to study such subjects. After attending Morgan State University where she earned a degree in physics.

Thomas earned a patent for her illusion transmitter in 1980, which uses reflective surfaces on both ends to produce optical illusion images. NASA scientists currently employ this technology, while it may form part of medical imaging devices or video screens in use today. Thomas is also a strong supporter of women in STEM as well as African American STEM organizations.

Professional Career

Thomas was inspired to become a writer and storyteller from an early age by her father, Rolston “Rally” Thomas, who would take them out to local events where oral storytelling would take place. Additionally, her mother taught them the value of education and hard work.

At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, she designed computer data systems to support the Orbiting Geophysical Observatory; became an international Landsat image processing data format expert; and led a team that enabled the Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment – which demonstrated global wheat monitoring was feasible with Landsat imagery – using Landsat satellite images.

Thomas has been an associate producer at WCJB-TV20 since 2017 and often covers events in her east Gainesville community. Reverend Milford Griner, president of Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Committee, reported seeing Thomas at various community events.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was honored with a number of accolades during her career, such as the Goddard Space Flight Center Award of Merit and NASA Equal Opportunity Medal for her research into computer program designs that assisted studies related to Halley’s Comet, ozone layer depletion and satellite technology. Additionally, she actively encouraged young people, particularly women and African Americans, to pursue science education by participating in programs like National Technical Association and Shades of Blue.

Thomas has made her mark in reality television shows and social media, with an established social following. Additionally, Thomas owns Plush Diva’s Closet clothing line which she plans to expand further in future ventures.

Personal Life

Thomas has quickly established herself in her community. She can often be found covering local events for WCJB-TV20 Gainesville as an associate producer. Reverend Milford Griner, president of Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Committee of Gainesville East says he first met Thomas when she covered their events.

Thomas was drawn to electronics, mathematics and physics from an early age despite not receiving encouragement from her family to explore these fields. She eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Morgan State University.

At NASA, she helped design computer program designs that enabled research on Halley’s Comet and ozone layer issues. Additionally, she served as computer facility manager of the National Space Science Data Center as well as being an international Landsat image processing data format expert.

Net Worth

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