Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan Trying to Keep the Lines of Communication Open

If you are wondering how the Tulsa Police Department is handling the recent officer shootings in the city, you’re not alone. Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett has pleaded for the public’s help in capturing the suspects, and Jordan, the department’s new leader, is eager to keep the lines of communication open.

Unlike other cities, Tulsa has remained quiet since the early morning shootings of two white men by an unarmed black man on Good Friday. In an attempt to avert a race riot, Jordan has spent the last several months arranging a series of town halls with a panel of city officials, as well as meetings with members of the black and white community.

Although the shootings were targeted at African-Americans, there have been no arrests. Instead, the police have been waiting to see what happens with the investigation. The TPD has also been criticized for its lack of response to social media posts made by the suspect. Several videos of the shooting have been shown to members of the city’s black and white community. It’s a small step in a larger effort to change the culture of the department, and a good move on the part of the department’s chief.

Chief Jordan also has a history of being proactive. Before being named chief, he was a member of the department’s SWAT team. He was also a member of the street crimes unit, which is responsible for drug arrests. When he was appointed chief, he helped the detective division be more proactive in their investigations. His efforts also led to the creation of the Tacital Response Square, a multidisciplinary unit comprised of 50 officers from all the operational divisions.

While the chief may be retiring at the end of the month, another of his predecessors, Craig Jordan, has joined the Law Enforcement Leaders organization, a project of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law. A group of 130 law enforcement leaders from across the country, it is dedicated to finding ways to reduce crime, incarceration and other problems affecting the nation’s most vulnerable.

One of the things that Chief Franklin has done is use social media to connect with the community. He’s been involved in high-level investigations at the SID, and he has taken the time to learn how to properly handle Facebook and Twitter. He’s also a big fan of data.

Another thing that he’s gotten involved with is community policing. According to the Department of Justice, “community policing is the practice of engaging with the public to improve relations and prevent problems.” That means getting out into the community to interact with people, not manning the police scanner or shooting hoops with kids.

The law enforcement community in Tulsa has a lot to look forward to. This week, we will see if the city’s newly appointed police chief has what it takes to keep Tulsa safe, and to continue his efforts to make it a better place to live.

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