Trisha Yearwood Jack O Lantern Peppers

Trisha Yearwood and Jack O Lantern Peppers

Trisha Yearwood has a knack for entertaining. She throws fun dinner parties and tailgate parties, and her friend, Sunny Sweeney, helps her in the kitchen. This season, she also dishes up delicious Southern recipes and spooky dishes for Halloween.

Trisha has invited a friend to her house for a Halloween party. When the friend arrives, the two begin to reminisce about old times. They then prepare delicious recipes together. From pumpkin pie to pecan sticky buns, they serve up classic high school food.

The two friends make a spooky menu with a twist. The spooky dishes include a Bloody Mary bar and a spooky dessert table. They also drink Blackberry Lemonade and Maple Brown Butter Candy Kettle Corn.

In the South, trisha’s grandmothers have the best secrets in the kitchen. For instance, they make deviled eggs. That night, they make spider web deviled eggs for a Halloween themed party. After the party, she makes a spooky, candy coated jam.

At her release party for her limited edition record, Trisha serves up a special treat. A Chocolate Cake in a Mug. It is a sweet treat that comes with a peanut butter frosting. With its chocolatey goodness, it is sure to be a hit.

In the summer, Trisha whips up some easy and tasty meals. Her menu includes Chicken Wings Two Ways. Also on the menu, she serves Fried Potatoes with Bacon and Vinaigrette, and a BBQ Peach Pulled Pork. Guests can finish off the meal with a refreshing drink, like a White Wine Spritzer with Watermelon and Basil.

During the holiday season, Trisha’s friends get dressed up to celebrate. They try out a few spooky costumes. They then gather to sing Christmas carols. And they are joined by Trisha and her sister, Mandy.

Throughout the years, Trisha has hosted a variety of music-themed tailgate parties. She has also hosted events at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Now, she is raising money to help find a cure for women’s cancer.

While in Nashville, Trisha visits a local flea market. Afterward, she invites her sister and some friends for a marathon party. Several of her friends bring spooky treats, and she dresses in a perfect zombie costume.

In the spring, Trisha hosts a Southern brunch. There, she and Glenda prepare a whimsical menu. Among the dishes are ham and veggie quiche with hash brown crust, pecan sticky buns, and bacon caramel. To top it all off, she makes an elegant apple champagne cocktail.

Before the winter sets in, Trisha throws a backyard party before the holidays. She invites her favorite gal pals to the party. Afterward, she decorates the party with her friend, Glenda. As the evening unfolds, she and Glenda make a festive fruit gelatin mold. Their guests eat a delicious meal that combines their favorite Southern food.

On her third year on the road, Trisha has a special guest. Kelly Clarkson is touring in town. Fortunately, she is able to meet with Trisha. However, their time together is cut short because of a busy schedule. But they have a moment of relaxation and laughter.

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