Trailbreak 20 Sleeping Bag

The Trailbreak 20 Sleeping Bag Review

The Trailbreak 20 sleeping bag is the ideal option for backpacking adventurers seeking a lightweight, three season bag that won’t weigh you down. At only 3 pounds and compacting to fit into a pack, this bag provides excellent warmth at its weight while having some unique features not usually found in budget backpacking bags. We recommend it as our top pick on this list because of its warmth-to-weight ratio and features you won’t find in other budget backpacking options.

Insulation is essential for staying warm in a sleeping bag, and there are various types of insulation. Down insulation is the most popular type, though synthetic alternatives exist too. The insulation is placed inside an outer shell usually made of polyester or nylon taffeta material which has either water repellent treatment or soft texture for comfort.

Shell fabric is essential for keeping your insulation secure and preventing it from shifting around, leading to cold spots. Some of the more expensive bags come with a waterproofing treatment which helps keep you dry in wet conditions.

Another essential feature to look for when purchasing a sleeping bag is a draft collar, which can be tightened around your face and neck for extra warmth. Some models even feature foot boxes that allow some airflow through an opening at the base of the bag for extra warmth; or built-in pillows that trap air around your body while providing cushioning while you sleep.

Selecting the ideal mattress size is critical for getting a comfortable night’s sleep. Most manufacturers offer both regular and short sizes, which you can measure using a measuring tape compared to another similar item that you already own.

Men’s bags typically measure 78 inches long, while women’s are 70 inches; however, some companies offer additional lengths or wider sizes. A 78-inch long bag is ideal for tall men while a 72-inch long option would suit shorter individuals better.

Some of these larger bags can accommodate two people, but typically you must purchase a separate bag for each person. A double-person bag tends to be more comfortable than its single counterpart but also more costly.

Many of these sleeping bags feature dual zippers in either left-zip or right-zip configurations, allowing you to join them together with your partner. This is especially important if you plan on sharing the bag.

In addition to temperature rating and insulation, a sleeping bag requires reliable zippers for secure closure and easy access when you need in or out. Some bags also feature a pad sleeve that allows you to insert a pillow for additional comfort; others feature a hood that can be zipped shut while sleeping, keeping cold air out while reducing wind chill.

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