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Pandrol Track Jacks

Pandrol offers both mechanical and hydraulic track jacks to give your team the strength they need for tasks such as levelling and tamping railway tracks.

This mechanical track jack features a quick-trip mechanism when under load, to instantly release any load. In addition, its cast base and solid grooved lift toe ensure safe jacking.

Professional Career

At any railroad construction or repair site, having the appropriate tools makes all the difference. Professional track workers rely on high-quality equipment like railway track jacks to ensure every process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Enerpac’s 10-ton hydraulic track jack from Industry-Railway Suppliers was engineered with durability in mind, helping your maintenance crew lift and spread track, frogs, turnouts, diamonds and more quickly and safely. Its inverted design keeps water and grime at bay, prolonging tool life and performance; grooved lift toe and cast base provide stability; while rustproof tension springs maintain full pawl engagement for immediate load lowering via the quick trip mechanism; it also accepts standard 1-1/2″ square lining bars from Industry-Railway Suppliers.

Achievement and Honors

Track jacks can be operated cyclically to raise sections of track for repairs. One end rests between the ties while a toothed bar D lifts them simultaneously with the rail, lifting to their desired elevation before returning back into place once at their target height.

Railwaymen find these tools indispensable; they enable them to complete work without resorting to more costly materials – particularly important on prairie lines.

Hydraulic track jacks are user-friendly devices with an impressive power-to-weight ratio, featuring lever controls to lower and raise, dual rail grabs for secure holding power, up to 650mm lift travel capability and remote control for added ease of use. When choosing tools it’s essential to differentiate between honor and achievement – the two should go hand-in-hand.

Personal Life

Track jacks provide expert teams of railway engineers a reliable tool for repairs and maintenance tasks. This heavy-duty ratchet device lifts train rail sections while its inverted design keeps water, dirt, and grime out for longer tool life and improved reliability.

Pandrol mechanical track jacks are one of the most widely-used and strongest types of railway lifting devices, providing low handle effort when lifting (vertical) or pushing (horizontal). Additionally, its rustproof tension spring maintains full pawl engagement while its square drive socket accepts standard 1-1/2″ square lining bars. Furthermore, an inverted cylinder design helps keep water and dirt out for increased tool longevity.

Net Worth

Track jacks are used for lifting railway tracks for ballasting, maintenance and other work on them. They can either be operated cyclically or continuously. Cyclically operated models feature bedplates equipped with caterpillar treads to assist during track lifting operations by shifting rails and ties during lifting operations.

Net worth is a financial term that measures the difference between the value of assets (such as cash, investments and property) minus liabilities (like loans, mortgages and credit card debt) over time. It serves as an essential indicator of progress since it motivates individuals towards reaching goals by providing a more holistic picture than income and spending alone.

This mechanical track jack features low handle effort and a solid grooved lift toe for stable jacking. Additionally, its cast base and heat-treated components offer strength and long service life.

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