Town Hall 10 Best War Base

How to Build the Best War Base in Town Hall 10

Building a war base in your town hall is one of the best ways you can win wars. This type of base offers many benefits. It is designed to protect resources from most attacks. It also makes it difficult for attackers snipe or to collect resources. It is also the best base to defend against 2-Star or 3-Star attacks.

A good town hall 10 base is not only strong enough to defeat opponents who have lower levels, but it should also be able to stop good players from getting their 2nd or 3rd star. That means that it should be effective against the two-star, GO/HO, and Gwewipe war bases, too.

You can build inferno towers or x-bows to defend your TH10 base. These two units can deal massive damage and have high hit points. You can further protect the base by placing your heroes near the clan castle. You can use heroes to form a team if you don’t yet have one.

Your main base should have four buildings. Your town hall is in the top right corner. A Hidden Tesla should be in the corner. There should also be two Inferno towers in the corners. Inferno towers can be used to take out enemy troops as they do a lot of damage.

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