Tim K And Chrissy Age

Tim K and Krissy Age – Who Else Wants to Be With Them?

For the enlightened, it’s been seven months since they last set foot on our fair shores. This is a far cry from their heyday when they were making music videos, film and stage stars, and aspiring actresses. Nevertheless, Tim and Krissy have managed to snag some well-heeled execs to keep them happy. With a few tweaks to the formula and a little nudge from the powers that be, they are in the clear. They even own a beachfront property in Southern Leyte. Despite the fact that they are a septuagenarian and an 18 year old province girl, they have managed to rekindle the romance. Not to mention that the gizmos abound.

What has been missing from the fray is the actual attribution. Although, there are a few notable exceptions to the rule. Among them, is the aforementioned eponymous. There is also a plethora of other dudes and sexy ladies in the neighborhood. Among the more interesting are the aforementioned execs as well as a couple of high-profile Hollywood types and a couple of narcissists. It’s safe to say that the aforementioned dudes have some things to say about the aforementioned execs. The best part is that these are affluent, intelligent, and in most cases, well-educated.

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