Thomas Yanoti

Thomas Yanoti Loses Privilege to Carry a Gun Before His Trial

Thomas Yanoti, charged with shooting at another driver on an I-75 ramp last June, has agreed to a risk protection order as part of his initial court appearance via telephone Wednesday.

His practice spans painting, sculpture, installation and video work; however, he is perhaps best-known for his use of single-use plastics such as lids and straws to create monotypes.

Early Life and Education

Police confiscated numerous guns and ammunition from Thomas Yanoti’s home upon his arrest for road rage shooting on I-75 last week, following which they placed him under arrest and banned from owning any firearms or possessing ammunition legally or possessing them in violation of risk protection orders that have been placed against him – meaning even if he gets out before trial starts he cannot own firearms legally.

He is accused of firing his gun during a road rage incident in Collier County. Investigators claim he became angry when another driver cut him off along Veterans Memorial Parkway and displayed what appeared to be black object before pulling into a driveway and firing gunshots at another driver who managed to avoid being struck with bullets.

Professional Career

Thomas Yanoti was arrested last December in Florida after engaging in an incident of road rage shooting on a Florida highway. According to the Collier County sheriff’s office, Yanoti pulled up behind another driver and began firing into their windshield before pulling away, forcing their victim into lay position on his front seat for protection while dodging bullets and shattering glass until Yanoti stopped firing before driving away in his vehicle.

Yanoti’s neighbors in Cape Coral tell WINK News they fear him and believe he has anger management issues, leading them to order him to give up all firearms for one year under a risk protection order.

Yanoti agreed to the order while appearing in Lee County court Wednesday for his initial court appearance, usually when law enforcement believes an accused may pose a danger to themselves or others.

Personal Life

Thomas Yanoti, 61 years old and facing trial for firearm possession charges in Delaware County Courthouse, recently agreed to a risk protection order which will prohibit him from possessing guns for one year. At his first court appearance (by phone) on Wednesday he accepted this agreement which is effective immediately and prevents him from possessing weapons for the year ahead.

Cape Coral police sought this order following a road-rage incident in June that resulted in gunshots being fired off of I-75. Police claim that after a minor fender-bender, Yanoti shot at another Mercedes SUV driver’s windshield glass causing it to shatter. Witnesses managed to record his tag number which led them back to Yanoti’s residence.

Heidi L Yanoti and Thomas W Yanoti have been married for at least 17 years, living in multiple cities around the United States. According to public records, Heidi is currently pregnant.

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