Thomas Patsis

Thomas Patsis

Metal craft company that specializes in custom metal fabrication & industrial design. Take your rough sketches from napkin sketches into functional works of art!

Airborne ash and river water from the Thomas Fire flash flood carried significant metal concentrations into coastal ocean waters, which may alter long-term biogeochemical dynamics both within Santa Barbara Basin and farther afield.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in Sparta, NJ and graduated from Sparta High School with a dual focus on football and lacrosse, playing both on varsity teams. At University of Connecticut he continued both sports while serving on both varsity lacrosse and football teams and serving as president of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity; which provided community services like food drives, senior citizen bingo events, and charitable donations to various causes in his town of residence.

Thomas began his career working at a scrap metal yard as a sweeping assistant before moving up the ranks to writing receipts. Thanks to his hard work ethic and Midwestern values, Thomas soon found success as an entrepreneur; today he oversees a national firm of fabricators and installers specializing in commercial roofing and HVAC sheet metal projects.

Professional Career

Thomas, an esteemed session drummer renowned for his extraordinary musical versatility and mastery of various styles, is also a skilled metal artist, using cans and other forms of scrap metal to craft intricate, complex works of art.

As soon as she arrived at WSU, she originally planned on majoring in music. But because chemistry and math came easily for her, she decided instead to switch majors – opting for metallurgy instead.

Metal Supermarkets implemented Thomas assessments across their entire network to enhance employee development, strengthen franchise relationships and upgrade recruitment procedures. Now used in their hiring process to get an in-depth view of candidates before selecting the ones to hire, these tests also serve as tools to measure compatibility between team members.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has long been an advocate for STEM careers and uses her personal story to encourage young people to follow their passions. In 2016, she was honored with the BEYA Emerald Award.

After many difficulties of mechanical nature had been overcome to allow large-scale dephosphurisation at Middlesbrough Works, Mr Thomas announced this fact to the Council of the Institute in 1883 and was later awarded two Bessemer Gold Medals for this discovery.

Fourth-generation, family owned roofing, architectural & decorative metalwork, building envelope, miscellaneous metals and steel fabricator/erection specialty subcontractor with national recognition for quality and reliability based on an unfailing Midwestern work ethic – doing what was promised when promised and doing it right!

Personal Life

Thomas is the proud parent of two young children and strongly embraces a family first philosophy. In his free time he enjoys traveling, spending time with family members, and working with young people to build leadership abilities.

McDermott achieved two Deal of the Year awards for Cross Border Deal and Materials Deal of the Year ($500million to $1billion). Additionally, he serves on its Global Practice Leadership Team, Corporate Practice Management Committee and Executive Committee.

As an Eagle Scout, Tom developed strong leadership and interpersonal skills throughout his youth and during college at the University of Connecticut where he served as President of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity – a co-ed community service group which organized clothing drives and bingo events for senior citizens.

Net Worth

Thomas Patsis, an estimated net worth of $2-$3 Million metal artist known for his work on Netflix’s Metal Shop Master series. Through Cold Hard Art he uses old racecars to craft scaled car replicas, trophies and awards as well as sculptures which he shares on Instagram for fans to view.

He joined High Tide Metals in 2014 after transitioning from commercial real estate brokerage. He enjoys building relationships with customers and takes a transparent, straightforward approach in working with them.

Underneath Motley Crue’s hardened exterior lies a gentle soul. Mick uses his vast net worth to support animal rights, music education and disaster relief initiatives. Additionally, he serves on various boards, such as Electrum Resources Inc and Panthera Corporation.

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