Thomas Nimbley

Thomas Nimbley – CEO of PBF Refining Company

Nimbley brings extensive refining industry experience and knowledge to Tosco and its subsidiaries since April 1993, when he held various roles at Tosco.

He joined PBF as a consultant, and was enthusiastically received by its executive team due to his extensive portfolio. His impressive track record made him an ideal candidate.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Nimbley attended Engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology, earning a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Starting his career at Exxon Mobil in 1973 when things were very different than they are now, Thomas gained invaluable knowledge and professionalism he would use at PBF as well. First joining as a consultant to introduce himself to the executive team before quickly rising through the ranks quickly – an exemplary leader who boasts an impeccable track record of success!

Professional Career

Tom Nimbley has dedicated his professional life to helping companies thrive. He has worked across industries, launching hundreds of products ranging from less invasive medical devices to software – always at the center of technological revolutions.

His professional journey began at ExxonMobil where he served for twenty years in various positions. Additionally, he has held senior management roles at Phillips as Senior Vice President and Refining Head for 13 locations following their merger.

Starting in April 1993, he gained much experience working for Tosco and their subsidiaries before making the leap to PBF.

Personal Life

Thomas Nimbley is an accomplished wordsmith. He writes for Elle magazine and serves as host for StorySLAMS in Philadelphia and Washington DC, hosting regular storytelling nights there as well. Additionally, Thomas published “Here For It”, his collection of essays detailing life growing up as a gay person in America.

He boasts an impressive resume in the energy industry. He has worked at several different companies including ExxonMobil and Tosco; then as Vice-President and Head of Refining for Phillips before being promoted as Vice-President and Head of ConocoPhillips’ domestic refining system following their merger.

He lives with his wife in New York. His hobbies include reading and playing music; in addition, he enjoys art and photography.

Net Worth

Thomas Nimbley has made a considerable fortune over the past decade as CEO of PBF, earning almost $8 Million each year – an impressive pay packet made all the more remarkable since joining them as full-time executive since joining Tosco and its subsidiaries back in 1993.

He has made numerous trades on PBF Inc stock since 2014 and most recently exercised 100,000 units worth $2,608,000 on 11 September 2023.

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