Thomas Neary

Thomas Neary – A Man of Many Talents

Thomas Neary is a retired firefighter who earned the FDNY’s highest award twice over 30 years with the organization. Yet, despite all of these accolades and recognition, Neary never spoke publicly about them or was boastful about his achievements even after retirement.

Over time, Neary has put forth effort and dedication into perfecting his high jump technique, achieving success thanks to his hard work and determination. His effort and persistence has paid off handsomely.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Neary was born in 1935 into a poor family of six children. Relying heavily on food gifts from neighbors, Thomas attended St. John Vianney Catholic Church located directly across from where he resided in his neighborhood.

Tom Neary began welding candle holders and other small items for friends during his down time at work, eventually leading to commissions and art shows. One such show took place for the 200th Anniversary of Lewis and Clark wintering at Washburn in 2004. Additionally, in 2004 Neary was chosen to create statues depicting Lewis and Clark for that event.

He leaves behind his wife Anne, son Sean, daughter Dee and seven grandchildren; we will miss him deeply. Create your free Neary family tree today to discover new relatives; then share and connect with them all.

Professional Career

Thomas Neary practiced law for over two decades, representing clients in personal injury and civil litigation matters. As a passionate advocate for his clients he did all he could to secure them the best results possible. Thomas Neary served on various charitable organizations boards and was an ardent Catholic.

He attained the rank of major general during his military career and led America’s ICBM force under 20th Air Force command. Additionally, he valued Airmen professional development and created an ICBM Center of Excellence to foster it.

He was a proud American and an devoted family man, leaving behind his wife Anne, daughter Dee, son Sean and 7 grandchildren as his legacy. He will be missed dearly by family, friends and colleagues.

Achievement and Honors

Neary was a man of many talents and served in multiple capacities throughout his military career. He received numerous honors for his service in the Air Force including earning the Distinguished Service Medal and Defense Superior Service Medal as well as performing various advisory roles for government agencies.

He earned numerous citations of heroism during his time with FDNY, most notably for saving a child trapped in a Harlem tenement fire by using an apartment door as a shield from flames – even while suffering burns himself!

Neary was an agent with the Naval Investigative Service and investigated everything from spy activity to international drug trafficking. A natural leader and charismatic personality, Neary made friends quickly among all who met him.

Personal Life

Tom has over two decades of experience defending clients from all backgrounds. He understands that each client is more than just another number and their care and attention are greatly valued as are his expertise in legal matters.

He is married to Alice and has two children. In his free time he enjoys attending church services, reading historical texts, hiking, and taking advantage of local recreational facilities.

Neary was included on the Diocese of Monterey’s List of Credibly Accused Clergy of Sexual Abuse for 2019. Unfortunately, no additional details about his allegations have been disclosed by them. Thomas Neary has an interest in real estate and has been involved in multiple property disputes over time; additionally he runs his family business together with his wife.

Net Worth

Neary responded to alarms during a period when fires devastated parts of Bronx and Harlem in the 1970s, responding to alarms with heroic rescue attempts involving mother-and-child pair; at one rescue, Neary rushed into a burning building to shield a mother and 4-year-old son as they made their escape through a window – receiving third degree burns himself as a result of this heroic deed.

As operations director for Naval Investigative Service in Norfolk, Neary was called upon to tackle everything from international drug trafficking to terrorism. For the Walker espionage case in particular, Neary used access to Navy computers to track the spy’s movements and communications.

He received two Ganci Medals before retiring in 1994. Now living at 2017 Sycamore Street in Haddon Heights, NJ and worth approximately 1.7 Million, on 28 February 2013 he exercised 4,000 units of Valmont Industries stock worth $212,040 and exercised them worth $212,040.

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