Thomas Munoz

Thomas Munoz

Tom leaves to honor his memory his wife Kathy; children Rachel and Raymond; grandchildren; nieces and nephews as well as great-grandparents and other relatives.

Court of Appeal holds that defendants had reasonable suspicion to arrest Munoz for attempted burglary based on facts and circumstances known at the time they applied for a warrant against her.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Munoz is a 4th-generation wedding photographer who credits his love for photography to being passed down from his father as an infant. Through him, Thomas discovered his passion and intuitive ability to capture life’s most precious moments.

Muniz quickly established himself as a scriptwriter for several radio and television shows in the early 1960s, including La familia Perez, Adelita Gloria y Miguel and Que sirvienta! Furthermore he owned radio station Radio Luz WLUZ and television channel Teleluz.

As the Deputy Director for Houston’s Office of Emergency Management, he oversees disaster mitigation, planning, response and recovery activities in America’s fourth-largest City. Furthermore, his duties also encompass responsibility for homeland security programs within Houston; Columbia College even established the Thompson-Munoz Scholarship to honor him.

Professional Career

Munoz was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round of the 1980 NFL Draft and started 13 seasons as an offensive tackle – earning himself recognition as one of the best offensive lineman ever seen on an NFL field.

Munoz earned two All-American selections at USC and quickly built a reputation as an exceptional straight-on blocker, possessing great mobility which was essential when facing off against fast defensive ends.

He brings over 26 years of first responder and emergency management experience, serving in various roles at Texas City over five years – both first responder duties and as Emergency Manager/Heathroom Security Director – where he currently oversees their emergency management program and crisis communication plan for them both. In his role at Houston’s Office of Emergency Management he oversees this aspect as well as being the Deputy Director. In this capacity, he oversees their emergency management program while overseeing crisis communication plan. His extensive homeland security and risk management experience gained during those five years is unrivalled; both positions were filled by him at one place!

Achievement and Honors

Munoz was known for his high personal standards. He attended a gym regularly and walked three to four miles each morning before work, in addition to being an hard worker who greatly valued family and friendship.

Munoz Lucena participated in some of the most renowned national exhibitions during his career and earned several prestigious prizes, representing Chile at international exhibitions as an honorable representative.

On June 7th 1995, State Parole Officer Willie Gonzalez alerted Deputy United States Marshal Fernando Karl of the Southwest Fugitive Taskforce about an outstanding blue warrant for Munoz. Gonzalez relayed to Karl what Reinhardt had told her about him: that Munoz received a.45 caliber pistol for his birthday and resided at Rojas Street apartment.

Personal Life

He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather who deeply appreciated his family and friends. A Crucita member and member of Holy Name Society. Additionally he served in the United States Coast Guard Reserves before retiring as Commander.

Photography is his forte, with an uncanny ability and intuitive skill that captures life’s precious moments with ease. Additionally, he excels at playing guitar as well as long distance running and listening to music.

As he outgrew Pop Warner football as a youth, he instead focused on becoming an outstanding baseball player. He participated in the Connie Mack regional tournament and earned seven baseball letters from high school. A pillar of the community, he always puts forth his best effort. His dedication and perseverance cannot be rivaled.

Net Worth

Thomas Munoz boasts a net worth of $4 Million. His fortune comes from investments, salary and working as a Financial Life Advisor at Telemus; this job involves developing customized investments, insurance and planning solutions for high net-worth individuals and families.

He is best known for his football career and was honored with induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. While playing offensive lineman for Cincinnati Bengals he earned eleven Pro Bowl selections as well as three Offensive Lineman of the Year honors.

Thomas Keller boasts a net worth of $50 million, thanks to his restaurants in both the U.S. and UK, cookbooks, television shows and other ventures which have contributed significantly to his wealth. Ree Drummond, known for her blog and cooking show fame has amassed an estimated net worth of $60 million.

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