Thomas Mulcahy

Thomas Mulcahy

Tom Mulcahy was a proud Butte native who enjoyed spending his winters in San Diego. An avid golfer with a great sense of humor, Tom also enjoyed watching baseball.

He has extensive experience representing clients in high-profile criminal and civil litigation matters. This includes representing corporations in complex product liability litigation, toxic tort suits, and premises liability incidents.

Early Life and Education

Mulcahy hails from Butte, Montana and was an outstanding three-letter athlete at Gonzaga University. He competed on both basketball and baseball teams while also being recognized with All-State honors as an exceptional student.

As a local government minister, Mulcahy was adept at managing day-to-day administrative functions and also engaged in revolutionary politics, particularly around public safety.

At heart, he was an administrative man by nature; yet his administrative and organisational skills were applied with military precision during Easter Week raid on RIC barracks in Ashbourne that proved one of few successful raids during the rising. Additionally, this raid foreshadowed later adopted by Irish Volunteers using guerrilla tactics.

Professional Career

Thomas Mulcahy is an experienced attorney with more than 15 years of legal practice. He has represented clients with diverse needs in intellectual property law and complex civil litigation cases. Thomas obtained both his B.A. from Fordham University and J.D. from Seton Hall School of Law.

Experienced in hurling, he made his debut for Cork senior team during 1943 championship and went on to win four county senior championship medals with St Finbarr’s club.

He is also a well-recognized baseball player and coach/scout for Tommy Lasorda’s Spokane Indians of the American League as well as working for San Diego Padres as their Director of Group Sales and Season Tickets.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Mulcahy was an esteemed member of Cork senior hurling team. Throughout his playing career he earned three All-Ireland medals and five Munster medals; additionally two Railway Cup medals were added to his haul.

Mulcahy began his inter-county career as a dual player at minor level before being selected for Munster interprovincial squad and eventually making his senior debut during 1983 championship campaign.

At club level, he won several county championship medals with St Finbarr’s. Additionally, he received a Railway Cup medal.

After retiring as a player he transitioned into management and coaching roles. He served as selector with Cork Under-21 team while also managing Glen Rovers Senior team to many league and championship quarter-finals.

Personal Life

Tom Mulcahy was both a devoted family man and successful businessperson. A devout Catholic, he believed that quality over quantity in life. Additionally, he enjoyed sports while possessing a strong work ethic.

After retiring as a player, Mulcahy became involved in team management and coaching roles. He served as selector with Cork intercounty team under Sean O’Gorman while also coaching Glen Rovers senior teams.

In 2001, the remains of Anthony Marrero were discovered in trash bags at rest stops along the New Jersey Turnpike. A price tag found inside one of these bags led directly back to CVS drug store located on Staten Island in New York City.

Net Worth

Mulcahy has made millions in his career as a director. His works span music videos, movies and television shows. He revolutionized music videos which has had an effectful effect on future directors as well as numerous awards for both films and music videos he directed.

Mulcahy currently resides in a luxurious mansion in California; however, his personal life remains private as he has never addressed whether or not he is currently dating anyone.

Mulcahy spends his free time playing golf and tennis. Additionally, he enjoys traveling – having visited numerous countries in his life – as well as spending quality time with his family: three children and two grandchildren are the pride of his life.

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