Thomas McBride

Thomas McBride

Thomas McBride is an American musician known for creating earthy country and pop-inflected roots rock music. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.

David is one of Otis/UTC’s preferred trial counsels and maintenance providers of elevators, escalators and moving walkways worldwide. Additionally, he has represented numerous major insurance companies in negligence/civil liability defense proceedings.

Early Life and Education

Tom McBride was raised on his father’s leased farm and dreamed of playing baseball. To earn extra money he picked cotton in summers; unfortunately he soon came to dislike this task. Tom was an avid reader and took college courses throughout his life; this learning became his forte.

He had an appreciation for history and an incredible memory for details. He enjoyed discussing books and documentaries with Evelyn; enjoying astronomy and engaging in debate with friends; as well as enjoying an argument just for fun. He is survived by daughter Laura and grandson Colter.

He represented manufacturers and suppliers of industrial, chemical and consumer products in complex toxic exposure cases and product liability suits, and managed cases brought against inpatient care facilities such as disability services, convalescent homes, elder homes and rehabilitation facilities for allegations of neglect or abuse.

Professional Career

Tom McBride worked on his family’s farm near Bonham, Texas and dreamt of playing major league baseball. However, in order to make money he had no other choice but picking cotton fields; at one time per day he could pick 200-300 pounds worth for $1 per hundred!

He later went on to become an attorney, serving on the Watergate special prosecutor’s task force and serving as deputy director for Latin America with Peace Corps as well as first inspector general of Civil Aeronautics Board.

Tom McBride is currently an attorney who specializes in legislative and regulatory lobbying activities, having represented various public and private entities such as the Association of Washington Business and McDonald’s Corporation. With extensive experience dealing with fiscal, transportation, and regulatory issues as the owner of McBride Public Affairs LLC.

Achievement and Honors

Tom McBride served on the National OA Committee for over fifty-five years, helping empower regions and improve lodge and section operations throughout North America. Under his stewardship, lodges and sections saw improved operations leading to an increase in endowment for Lodges and Sections across the United States and Canada. Tom also was instrumental in creating and leading the first-version National Leadership Seminar facilitator as well as holding multiple regional sessions across his service region. Tom leaves behind his wife Sandy; five children: Kate LaPorte (Jim), Melanie McBride Ryan Hellewell (Daniel), Ashley Majors and James Thomas as well as his sister Lynn Schlaegel; along with many nieces and nephews and nieces/nephes.

He belonged to an Oregon pioneer family – his ancestors having come from Northern Ireland – and was a staunch republican politician. Additionally, he was active in both Christian church and Masonic orders and enjoyed friendly relationships with their memberships; all this earned him great respect from his fellow citizens.

Personal Life

Thomas McBride has extensive experience defending manufacturers and suppliers of industrial, chemical, consumer products in cases involving significant fatalities or serious injury, often with successful defense verdicts in these matters. Additionally, Thomas has successfully represented clients involved with medical and other professional malpractice litigation; cases against inpatient care facilities for neglect and abuse; commercial disputes such as contract violations or defamation claims; premises or automobile accidents and personal injuries as well as cases concerning contract law issues or defamation lawsuits.

He is a member of the American, New Jersey and Pennsylvania bar associations as well as the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel. When not practicing law he enjoys spending time with his family, running and coaching softball. Along with Tara he enjoys hiking and traveling – they both are actively involved with their church as well as exploring local restaurants and activities in his free time.

Net Worth

Thomas McBride has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $7 Million thanks to his primary career as a Soccer Player.

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Tom McBride is an renowned Association Football Player born on May 30th 1992 in Derry, United Kingdom. He married Leanna McBride on November 8th 2013 and they share two children together. Every year they celebrate Tom’s birthday which falls on 30 May; he’s widely celebrated and recognized globally due to his impressive skill set and charismatic presence. He celebrates it annually on 30 May as well. He holds two degrees in Economics.

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