thomas massenburg

A Look at Thomas Massenburg

Massenburg has designed and constructed multiple recording studios, as well as contributed to their acoustical design. He owns and operates MG Sound – an audio electronics manufacturer.

He has also designed, constructed, and maintained various public art projects – many of which have been showcased at galleries and museums around the country.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Theresa Ferguson Massenburg hails from Suffolk with eight children. She believes her story can serve as an inspiration and her message is simple – don’t give up!

Kenya Massenburg has dedicated her career as an educational leader to serving students, teachers and families. She focuses on innovative instructional practices and building community within schools.

563 and Massenburg entered into an oral agreement under Kedar Entertainment to create a joint venture for promoting, marketing and releasing sound recordings. Under this Agreement they shared any profits or advances generated from album sales of sound recordings. It subsequently expired in November 2012. Massenburg died two sisters and one brother.

Professional Career

Massenburg has also been engaged in multiple business ventures outside of his career in music. At present, he manages Kedar Entertainment – a personal management company. Through this venture he promotes and markets recordings by recording artists under his management as well as serving as executive producer on their albums.

Massenburg and other members of the Mac Baller Bloods from Brooklyn were attending a Fourth of July party in Massapequa when they got into an altercation with another group alleged members from Hempstead allegedly related to bloodsmuggling. Jarvis shot Massenburg multiple times, wounding Cummings twice in both head and buttocks during their fight with each other.

Defendants’ motion to dismiss the third cause of action for breach of Personal Management Agreement is denied as Massenburg entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Thomas in 1998 purporting to form a joint venture and produce, market and distribute sound recordings featuring Thomas as a musical artist.

Achievement and Honors

Massenburg has produced, mixed or engineered over four hundred albums during his long and prolific career in audio engineering. He has received nearly every industry award possible and invented one of audio engineering’s pillars: the parametric equalizer.

Massenburg also designs, builds and maintains recording studios, contributing to their acoustical design in many major studios such as Skywalker Sound. He has written articles for numerous professional journals and magazines.

He is an artist, teaching artist and community organizer who has participated in public art projects as well as private commissions. He has shown in museums and galleries. Additionally, he founded Design Inkredible with his passion for interior design, arts education and early childhood development; ultimately his goal is to transform spaces so as to enrich lives of those inhabiting them.

Personal Life

Massenburg leaves behind his wife, Carrie; one son, Kevin; two stepdaughters – Sherry Hollins and Kelly Sampson; four stepsiblings from Dinwiddie including Kimberly Williams, Virgie Epps, Dorothy Rose and Karmen Anderson as well as numerous grandchildren. Haywood and Virginia Jones Massenburg of Petersburg had welcomed him first into this world.

At a Fourth of July party on West Drive in Massapequa, Massenburg and other members of Brooklyn-based Mac Baller Bloods clashed with Jarvis’ Hempstead crew. A gunshot from an alleged murder weapon consistent with that used was consistent with being fired by a revolver; thus supporting their position that it belonged to Massenburg since he had been present during a fight – an argument supported by cellphone tower records as evidence against Massenburg being charged with both aggravated murder and weapons offenses. Massenburg was charged with both offenses on October 31st.

Net Worth

Massenburg has amassed substantial wealth over time. He owns an extensive estate that encompasses his farm and residence in Franklin County, North Carolina.

District court committed an egregious error by failing to inform Massenburg of his 15-year mandatory minimum sentence as an armed career criminal under Rule 11. This was clearly an oversight.

Massenburg has an excellent track record in supporting new artists and helping them to establish careers and personal brands. He maintains an active social media presence. His full report may contain further personal details like schools attended, degrees attained and personal details as well as criminal background check data such as bankruptcies, liens judgments or UCC filings.

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