Thomas Manley

Thomas Manley

Manley has successfully guided PNCA with an ambitious agenda that would make most academics proud. He has established relationships throughout Asia while tripling its endowment.

Manley would take bicycle trips through the countryside during wintertime. He made quick sketches before later painting them into larger compositions; additionally he would grind his own pigments for use in his works.

Early Life and Education

Tom Manley served as President of Pacific Northwest College of Art from late 2014 until late 2015. During this period he led the institution through many milestones, such as its successful brick and mortar expansion, successfully meeting budget alignment challenges more commonly seen at larger schools, and raising gifts beyond anything anticipated by anyone within its reach.

Returned to Jamaica during the Labour Rebellion of 1938, Manley began advocating on behalf of workers by using his connections with mass society to advance charitable causes, equality boycotts and anti-lynching activism. Using these efforts he also helped found the People’s National Party while purging Marxist members from its ranks by 1952; then instrumental in pushing through legislation for universal adult suffrage in Jamaica in 1944.

Professional Career

Tom boasts an extensive business track record. He has held positions of management at Nortel Networks and General Motors of Canada as well as serving on the boards of Deltek, JDA Software RedPrairie Networks and Elastic Networks.

Hunton & Williams’ U.S.-based international law firm boasts him as a partner. With extensive trial counsel experience relating to labor relations, municipal governments, voting rights and intellectual property matters he serves as lead trial counsel in many matters concerning these areas of law.

He has designed innovative labor-management systems. In addition, he has served as chief spokesman and facilitator during major labor negotiations across multiple industries. Furthermore, he consults companies on strategic and tactical planning, organization development and transformation; writes articles and book chapters; his clients include Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies, universities and professional organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Manley is an accomplished creative director with experience in branding, strategy, copywriting, graphic and web design for top brands such as Deltek, DragonWave, JDA Software RedPrairie and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

Manley co-founded the People’s National Party with his cousin Alexander Bustamante and served as its leader, eventually becoming Jamaica’s first Prime Minister upon independence in 1962. Manley believed that economic progress achieved under JLP had only benefitted a select few and pledged to do everything he could to eliminate social injustice and inequality in Jamaica.

Erich stressed agrarian reform and industrialization as part of his Party for National Progress’s “Power to the People” platform, in addition to advocating a deeperening of democracy by donning casual bush jackets and mobilizing reggae artists to spread his message. Bustamante and Marcus Garvey both acknowledged him as national heroes during 1969.

Personal Life

Thomas Manley was an enthusiastic sportsman and music enthusiast. He enjoyed spending time with his family – being both father and grandfather (Papa). Thomas enjoyed socializing and being around people.

Hunton & Williams law firm partners, where he serves as lead trial counsel in cases relating to labor relations, municipal governments, voting rights and intellectual property law. Additionally, he has created innovative labor management systems as well as overseen major negotiations for companies operating within electric utility, airline, public education, telecommunicaiton, building supply and waste disposal industries.

To succeed, Hashim has had to master Portland’s clubby, insider networking culture. Together with consultant Susanne Hashim and their 4-year-old daughter Chedin, the family resides in Southwest Portland.

Net Worth

Thomas Manley’s net worth is estimated to range between one and two million dollars based on his annual salary from 2023.

At PNCA, he teaches but devotes much of his time to painting landscape, etcher, and mural work. On regular bike trips through farming country he makes quick thumbnail sketches which later form part of larger canvases that he paints later.

He reads voraciously; his bookshelves are filled with poetry, nonfiction, literature and teaching texts from poets, novelists and educators. Additionally, he’s amassed an impressive group of advisors in Portland’s creative class including John Jay of Wieden+Kennedy; Sohrab Vossoughi of Ziba Design and Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works Architecture as key advisers.

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