Thomas Maillard

Thomas Maillard – Waukegan State Legislative Candidate

The Maillard reaction is an intriguing process that affects flavor, color, and texture of foods – as well as being the subject of much debate and argument.

Heat from broiling meat gives it an appealing toasty brown hue, making this technique popular in moist cooking methods such as braising.

Early Life and Education

Giovanni Giacomo Fatinelli published the six-volume Istoria della Spedizione di Cardinale Maillard de’ Tournon come Visitatore e Commissario Generale alle Missioni Della Cina E Altri Regno Delle Indie Orientali ().1 These manuscripts introduced, described, and evaluated the first papal Lette to China.

Maillard was an influential and forceful individual. During Father Le Loutre’s War, Maillard persuaded the Mi’kmaq people to declare war against Britain; later on he assisted Halifax Governor in negotiating peace treaties between both parties in 1762. When Maillard passed away he received a state funeral before being laid to rest at Old Burying Ground Halifax.

Maillard earned his first Grammy nomination for his work with Alvin Ailey American Dance Company, receiving it as well as other credits in 1988.

Professional Career

Professionally, Maillard is an accomplished pianist and composer. With extensive discography experience in jazz music and an international stage presence, his style of composition combines classical, jazz and world influences in his compositions.

Maillard is also passionate about orchestration and strings, having released multiple albums with both string quartets and jazz trios as well as playing in Prague Philharmonic Orchestra performances.

Maillard most recently assisted Waukegan’s casino process at the request of a top state legislative candidate, as part of partner development for now-defunct Tap Room gaming company according to LinkedIn profile. Bond’s involvement was revealed when Pritzker signed into law a bill expanding gambling throughout Illinois including one located in Waukegan.

Achievement and Honors

Giovanni Giacomo Fatinelli (1653-1736) wrote and edited several manuscripts which chronicled Cardinal Charles Thomas Maillard de Tournon’s trip through India and China, now housed at Casanatense Library in Rome (Biblioteca Casanatense). These volumes, known as Istoria della Spedizione (Ship’s History), became part of its holdings – now held within Casanatense Library itself (Biblioteca Casanatense).

Maillard de Tournon was appointed by Pope Leo XIII to establish more formal contacts between Chinese and Catholics. This marked the first time any papal legate had ventured so far eastwards.

Maillard de Tournon persevered despite unforeseen challenges on his journey and died at 41 in Macao at age 41, leaving a tragic trail behind him and leading to several conspiracy theories that were later disproved – making his journey an intriguing historical event.

Personal Life

Thomas Maillard lives in New York City and has an adult son. His career spans musical theatre work – acting, writing, composing and producing. Additionally, he’s part of Sweet Honey in the Rock (nominated for Grammy awards).

As a candidate for state legislature, Maillard boasts of his experience interacting with city, county and state governments to the task at hand. His priorities include coronavirus pandemic concerns as well as property tax reform efforts and job creation initiatives.

At Bond’s request, he assisted Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham’s 2017 primary campaign and helped solicit bids for casino bids in Lakefront Town. However, his LinkedIn profile now no longer contains references to Tap Room (Bond’s video gaming company).

Net Worth

Thomas Maillard has seen his online resume shrink significantly over the past two years. Gone from LinkedIn page is any mention of Tap Room Gaming LLC he oversaw during 2013 to 2019 under former state senator Michael Bond, which also included partner development services as well as helping run Bond’s 2017 Waukegan mayoral campaign at his request.

Maillard was an immensely compassionate individual whose devotion to family and friends was paramount in his life. Despite battling pancreatic cancer with great determination and strength, he served as an example for all who knew him. He inspired all who met him.

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