Thomas Leach

Thomas Leach- A Kentucky Law School Instructor

Thomas Leach has long been a broadcaster for UK sports teams, providing play-by-play commentary for both football and basketball games. Additionally, Thomas serves as an instructor in their Trial and Appellate Advocacy program which was recently recognized by US News & World Report as being among the Top 8 nationally.

Leach was a staunch Unionist, and vehemently opposed secession. In Confederate Congress he spoke out against “reckless legislation endorsed by the President and mighty strides towards military despotism” (Raleigh Weekly Standard 13 January 1864).

Early Life and Education

Thomas Leach was raised in an Irish neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. His father was an avid baseball fan who encouraged Tommie to pursue professional baseball after Ed Delahanty found success.

Leach attended Johnson C. Smith University, followed by Pembroke State College to further his education. At these institutions he participated on both their football and baseball teams.

Leach was an ardent Unionist who continued his opposition even after Abraham Lincoln called for volunteers, serving in the State Senate from 1858-1860 and writing pamphlets and circular letters about political concerns during Reconstruction (primarily postbellum and Confederate items), draft speeches and newspaper clippings before passing away in 2022 – he was survived by his wife and three children.

Professional Career

Tom specializes in patent, trademark, trade secret and copyright litigation as well as various U.S. Patent & Trademark Office post-grant proceedings such as IPRs and reexaminations.

Leach, an accomplished trial attorney, discovered his true calling when he began teaching trial skills courses at University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law alongside Noel Ferris Professor of Trial Advocacy Cary Bricker – building the school’s nationally ranked program together.

Leach currently serves as the voice of the University of Kentucky Wildcats and follows in the footsteps of legendary voices like Cawood Ledford, Ralph Hacker and Claude Sullivan. Additionally, he is an accomplished artist and has restored facades and interiors of San Francisco Victorian homes; furthermore he’s an avid baseball fan!

Achievement and Honors

Leach’s influence was profound. Beyond his teaching duties, he inspired Mock Trial Coach Byron Roope (’08), now owner of his own criminal defense firm. According to Byron Roope: “Leach taught me how to be an impartial advocate who placed others’ needs before his own. He stressed the significance of eliminating ‘I’ from an advocate’s vocabulary.”

He was honored with induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1954, having played for four teams during his career: Louisville Colonels, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds – as well as winning one World Series championship!

He currently holds the positions of chief financial officer of StrategIQ Commerce in Chicago and trustee for Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Additionally, he volunteers at Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Personal Life

Thomas Leach hails from Pennsylvania. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Cornell University; as well as a Law Degree from University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law; serving a two year clerkship under Judge Edmund Spaeth in Philadelphia Superior Court.

He played shortstop, second base, and third base professionally during his professional baseball career with Louisville Colonels, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Chicago Cubs.

Tom Leach is a sports radio host on Lexington, Kentucky station WLAP and produces the popular “Sunday Morning Sportstalk” show. Additionally, he is an author who has published books about University of Kentucky athletics as well as sports agent services he provides clients. Tom also collects memorabilia related to sports.

Net Worth

He has been broadcasting radio programs for 46 years, calling UK basketball and football games. Additionally, he regularly contributes to TV shows. Six times, Kentucky Sportscaster of the Year awards have been bestowed upon him.

Leach Bros Entertainment was formed with his brother in 2007 to produce reality-based content, domestically and internationally. They host Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous while co-host Fame, Fortune and Romance; an offshoot show dedicated to them both.

Tom Leach boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million, primarily earned through his success as a TV actor, modeling career, brand endorsements, book publication and entrepreneurial activities. Tom stands at 6 ft 1 in.

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