Thomas Finneral

Thomas Finneral

Thomas Finneral is someone who likes to focus on one subject at a time and follow it through, using time and solitude as resources for thinking deeply about his ideas.

Finneran now stands to benefit from this high court ruling as his annual pension, which had been suspended following his 2007 guilty plea in the redistricting case, will be reinstated.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Finneral came from a long line of Lowell oil and fuel dealers. As such, he became active with numerous organizations within Lowell such as Sacred Heart Holy Name Society, chairman of City Council Cemetery Committee and served on water and fire boards in Lowell.

Finneran emerged as one of the State House’s most powerful leaders during a period marked by political coups, three Republican governors, and an unprecedented drop in state revenues. He earned acclaim as a fiscal watchdog and early childhood education advocate during this time, becoming known for his fiscal prowess and early childhood education advocacy work. Last month he unveiled what may become his signature achievement – an initiative to provide free preschool for all the state’s children – an expense estimated to cost millions but which did not deter him one bit from moving ahead with this plan despite all odds – an accomplishment worthy of celebration!

Professional Career

Thomas Finneral provides financial guidance to military members through First Command Financial Services, helping them navigate their finances more easily. His military experience provides him with a keen insight into the challenges and opportunities service members encounter and an ability to assist them in organizing their affairs efficiently.

He is a member of the Air Force Academy Association of Graduates and regularly attends Calvary Worship Center Colorado Springs. Additionally, he possesses Series 7 and 66 securities licenses as well as life and health insurance licenses in Colorado.

Finneran’s work as House Speaker reveals an uncommon ambition: He seeks to restore credibility to the Legislature and ensure it runs like any modern business institution, or at least appears that way. Over his career he has developed mastery over building coalitions for power.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Finneran was an exceptional public servant and family man, working tirelessly to support his family while being an avid Christian. Tom shared similar beliefs as his Father as well as having similar work ethics.

Finneran has accomplished much throughout his life. He is the author of numerous books and articles; one, entitled The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, won both a Heartland Prize for nonfiction writing as well as being nominated as a finalist for an American Book Award.

He has also served as an integral advisor for leaders such as Mayor Menino, State Senator Linda Forry and Governor Charlie Baker. Additionally, he is active in charitable projects; most recently working alongside The Boston Globe to increase awareness for brain aneurysm prevention.

Personal Life

Thomas Finneran always showed his emotions openly. A passionate family man, he met and married Donna Kelley from Dorchester while still attending law school at Boston College – eventually they would go on to have two daughters together.

Finneran’s office can be found on the third floor of the State House; it features west sunlight and features rich, hand-carved wood walls with fireplace, 74 portraits of former Speakers and an ample desk with glass top.

Finneran became known as one of the toughest negotiators and staunchest advocates for business interests in Massachusetts while serving in Congress. A vocal critic of immigration policies from Washington D.C., Finneran has often engaged in heated exchanges with colleagues and members of the public alike during his term in office. He may occasionally get short-tempered and become involved in arguments between himself and colleagues or with members of the public.

Net Worth

Thomas Finneran currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million, having been born January 2nd 1950 in Boston Massachusetts United States.

Thomas was well known in Massachusetts House of Representatives for his fiscal conservatism and creation of a rainy day fund, yet was found guilty of federal crimes and lost his state pension due to that conviction in 2007. His case now lies with the Supreme Judicial Court.

Knowing that one’s behavior can be the greatest impediment to financial security, Thomas serves as a personal financial coach for his clients by reinforcing good financial behaviors while advocating time-tested principles like sound saving and investing, careful debt management and an insurance strategy tailored to each client. Thomas is a member of both US Air Force Academy Association of Graduates and Calvary Worship Center Colorado Springs.

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