Thomas Eggleston

Thomas Eggleston

Tom Eggleston attended Prytania Private High School in New Orleans, Louisiana before going on to William Carey University in Hattiesburg Mississippi and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville Kentucky where he earned both degrees and was later called upon as both missionary and pastor.

Early Life and Education

He was the son of a judge and engineer. Growing up, he spent much of his time drawing, taking photographs, and exploring technology. Later he attended boarding school before enrolling at college – only to drop out before graduating.

Eggleston became interested in photography after viewing a major exhibition of Walker Evans’ works and reading Henri Cartier-Bresson’s groundbreaking book The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier-Bresson. After exploring color photography as both commercial and art forms, Eggleston revolutionized it from within his own practice.

As well as his political service, he also was an accomplished municipal councillor for Caulfield and member of Melbourne’s Round Table group for Imperial Federationists; writing articles about Australian politics and imperial issues for publication by this Melbourne group. Furthermore, his memoirs Lost and Found were posthumously published posthumously after his death in 2007. Finally he was also an accomplished painter and composer.

Professional Career

Thomas Eggleston is an American photographer known for examining the landscape of the American South through a critical lens. A longstanding member of the National Endowment for the Arts, Eggleston has won multiple prestigious awards during his career.

Eggleston’s groundbreaking approach to composition was heavily influenced by Cezanne’s paintings rather than any photographic precedents; additionally, he recognized color’s powerful disruptive properties.

His dye-transfer printing technique gave his pictures an iconic vibrancy previously associated with cigarette ads and Technicolor films, challenging Walker Evans’ dismissal of color photography as “vulgar.” As part of this movement he proved higher emotions could be conveyed with color photography. Additionally to still photography he has shot several film sets as well as designed album covers for rock bands including Big Star and Alex Chilton.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has an immense love of his craft and eagerly shares it with others. His dedication and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable member of our community.

In 1976, Eggleston’s work was shown at MoMA in an innovative solo exhibition that marked a watershed moment for art as it marked MoMA’s inaugural color photograph display. For Eggleston personally, this exhibition served as an important marker in his journey toward success – marking not only his solo show at MoMA but also starting his legendary career path.

Thomas is not only an accomplished photographer but is also a skilled musician, having produced an album of experimental electronic music entitled Musik. He plays guitar, keyboards and percussion and regularly improvises based off compositions by Bach and Handel as well as original tunes of his own creation.

Personal Life

He graduated from Prytania High School in New Orleans before going on to receive both a Bachelor of Music Education at William Carey University (Hattiesburg) in Mississippi and Master of Church Music from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville) in Kentucky. For 19 years after that he served as National Missionary for Creative Arts/Special Events Ministries with North American Mission Board; music educator; deacon; teacher and minister of music serving KY, WV, GA and SC communities.

Eggleston was a revolutionary in color photography, which had long been discredited due to Walker Evans and others arguing it could not capture higher emotions. His photographs of faded billboards, anonymous storefronts, and crumbling highways captured the alluring mundanity of suburban life and his images had an implied deadpan tone which invited viewers to look beyond superficial aspects of their subjects.

Net Worth

Thomas Eggleston reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $61.3 Million and serves as a partner at Charmides Capital and senior associate of M25 Group, a Midwest-focused seed-stage venture capital firm.

Additionally, he serves as the Managing Director of a real estate investment firm and manages a portfolio of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans in his role as such. With more than 10 years of experience in banking industry and management consulting / risk analysis.

Tom boasts an impressive resume that includes his Bachelor’s of Finance from University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as being certified public accountant and an avid sports fan who frequently attends games with family and friends.

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