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Thomas Downes Net Worth

Thomas Downs practices Estate Planning and Administration, Probate and Guardianship law. Additionally, he frequently presents on topics pertaining to trusts and trustee responsibilities.

Thomas Downes first appears after intervening in a fight between Arthur Morgan and Tommy at Valentine Saloon.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Downes was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1868. Raised in Rangitikei district and deeply interested in Whanganui River history, Thomas documented much of this through two books entitled ‘Old Whanganui” and “River ripplets.”

The Downs collection houses his personal and professional correspondence between 1903 and 1911, serving as an Indian agent himself. These letters offer valuable insights into the tensions between Native Americans and the federal government at that time.

In 1909, he was sent on an inspection tour to California and Washington. This included Neah Bay, Tacoma and Yakima where Winnebagos lived; this task required meeting each family in person for enrollment purposes.

Professional Career

Tom Downs understands the needs of small businesses. He vows to assist them in connecting with landlords for advantageous rent arrangements and promote their businesses to residents and tourists in order to increase foot traffic. Furthermore, he promises programs which make complying with regulations easier for them.

He had an expansive professional career. From telegraphy and reiss coal sales across Northern Wisconsin to vaudeville performances and even magic tricks, his talents were in high demand. A consummate salesman, he developed great rapport with local business owners.

He has extensive experience in estate planning and probate matters. Additionally, he has lectured widely on elder law topics at civic groups and universities. Additionally, he is a successful real estate entrepreneur.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Downes was an honorable veteran who proudly served his country in the Air National Guard for over three decades. Among other accolades and honors received were two Meritorious Service Medals with two devices and the U.S. Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership School and NCO Academy Certificate (non-resident status).

He also served in the 123rd Airlift Wing as command chief master sergeantantant and full-time Air Transportation Superintendent, training numerous enlisted personnel for air transportation duties during this time.

Downes was an upstanding citizen. He intervened during a fight between Arthur Morgan and the saloon owner outside Smithfield’s in Valentine, as well as raising funds by actively appealing to residents for donations during his financial struggles.

Personal Life

Thomas Downs was a generous individual who donated both time and money to those less fortunate than himself. Additionally, he was known as an expert card magician with the ability to pull multiple coins out of thin air at once!

This collection includes many intimate letters written by Downs to Florence Downs Reifel shortly before his death in 1911. Additionally, three bound journals he kept during a 1909 tour of Indian schools and reservations are present along with one photocopy journal from which information may have been extracted.

Thomas Downs can be seen at a fundraising event and actively solicits residents of Valentine to donate. Additionally, you may hear him cough near his donation box.

Net Worth

Thomas Downs was an American magician born March 16, 1867 in Iowa (died September 11 1938 at age of 71). Known for his coin tricks, Downs was self-taught – never attending classes or seeking any form of apprenticeship to develop his craft.

He was an upright man who wasn’t willing to let Arthur break him down, despite their family’s dire financial state. To prevent Arthur from beating him up he tried stopping Arthur by spitting in his face and telling him they wouldn’t pay back the loan shark in time.

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