Thomas Desmond

Thomas Desmond

Thomas Desmond is a business leader and the Founder of New England Consulting Partners (NECP). As an advisory partner, he offers short-term interim management, complex debt restructuring services and action plan implementation for companies facing turnaround situations.

He was an Irish American hero during the 19th century, and his involvement in an infamous prison break earned him international notoriety.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Desmond was born in Cobh, County Cork and immigrated to America aged 16. Initially enlisting with the Union Army during the American Civil War, Desmond later joined San Francisco sheriff forces and later received praise as a hero amongst San Francisco’s Irish community.

In 1875, he successfully engineered an international prison break. Later posing as a carriage maker in Australia’s society, he eventually established a business there.

Tom was an active member of Mensa and loved solving puzzles, traveling and being around his family. He will be dearly missed by his wife Martha and five grandchildren as well as many dear friends he leaves behind. Please remember him with love and respect if you come into contact with his memory.

Professional Career

Thomas Desmond was one of the founding members of New England Consulting Partners (NECP). As an experienced advisor and consultant with expertise in turnaround management, Thomas helps businesses and organizations during times of change and uncertainty.

Desmond served for decades in the New York State Senate, representing four districts: 154th, 155th, 156th, and 157th New York Senate Districts. While in office he held committee membership.

Desmond went on to publish several historical books about the Irish Civil War, editing and publishing them himself. Additionally, he advocated for police reform through Reprieve’s reviews of miscarriages of justice; lecturing at Southampton Solent University as well.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Desmond was an Irish American who became a hero to many residents of San Francisco during the 19th century. He orchestrated an international prison break before later serving as county sheriff; Desmond also belonged to San Francisco’s large Irish community.

He was also a Seventh Day Adventist and was honored with the Medal of Honor as an activist – the only conscientious objector to do so during military service. By refusing to kill an enemy soldier instead of killing him himself, he saved many lives during combat service.

His actions often drew disapproval from fellow soldiers, and the Army found his insistence on upholding the fourth commandment irritating. Additionally, his refusal to carry weapons caused additional irritation amongst his peers; and he was very strict regarding attendance rules for church on Saturday morning.

Personal Life

Thomas Desmond was a respected entrepreneur with extensive experience serving interim C-suite roles and debt financing transactions. He specialized in working with companies during crisis management situations while serving as an invaluable intermediary between corporate finance departments and investors.

His association with Mayor Kalloch and the Workingman’s Party generated hostility from The Chronicle, who ran regular stories defaming Sheriff Desmond. Additionally, The Chronicle attempted to frame him for murder but these charges were later dropped due to jurisdictional challenges.

Desmond was an exceptional family man and always put the needs of his loved ones first in his personal life. He took great delight in gardening, woodworking projects and spending time on the water with them all – his focus in life being his love for his wife, children and grandchildren.

Net Worth

Thomas Desmond is the Founder and Managing Partner at New England Consulting Partners, with an impressive track record in helping companies navigate challenging situations. Specializing in turnaround management, Thomas acts as an advisor for senior level executives.

At NECP, he is a proud member of the Association for Corporate Growth and has written multiple articles on business recovery. With offices in Boston, Dallas and Denver as well as an ongoing commitment to support youth sports programs in each of those cities where we do business.

He was born in Cobh, County Cork and immigrated to the US at age 16. After joining the Union Army during the American Civil War he worked as a carriage maker before becoming active in Irish independence activism in San Francisco.

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