Thomas Babbitt

Thomas Babbitt

Thomas Babbitt created an exquisite home in rural Litchfield County, Connecticut. It boasts six interconnecting gables with cathedral ceilings adorned with redwood ribs and multiple lofts to provide separate living areas.

Babbitt also served as an animator for Disney, animating Geppetto in two segments of Fantasia. As part of the 1941 animators’ strike at Disney, he became one of its leaders.

Early Life and Education

Babbitt was raised in New Haven and spent summers in Litchfield County. After attending Yale for architecture studies, he went on to practice locally near New Haven; designing theater sets for Goshen Players and other groups in his free time.

At trial, two of Babbitt’s victims testified to his sexual misconduct over an almost two year period. His defense argued that details surrounding these attacks were irrelevant and inadmissible under Section 11-34-5.

Although he admitted his guilt, the jury still found him guilty on all counts. Although he appealed, but court upheld his convictions as they noted that legislation had amended SS 11-34-5 during his prosecution but this change had not altered its essential elements of crime.

Professional Career

Babbitt began his professional animation career in the late 1920s. He worked at numerous studios including Terrytoons and United Productions of America (UPA, 1941-2000), both founded by former Disney employees; however, UPA provided him with a more pleasant working atmosphere than Disney did.

He later worked on various films, such as the uncompleted feature The Thief and the Cobbler where he designed characters for some of its protagonists.

Tom currently serves as a partner at Leech Tishman and is part of its Intellectual Property Practice Group. He provides legal guidance in all matters pertaining to patent law, including application preparation, prosecution and licensing. In addition, Tom conducts due diligence investigations across industries regarding asset valuations, portfolio assessments and freedom to operate opinions.

Achievement and Honors

His students include music theorist David Lewin and composers Michael Dellaira, Kenneth Fuchs and Laura Karpman. In addition to teaching at Yale, Vanderbilt and Brown universities – as well as serving as president of Kirkland College (a division of Hamilton College dedicated to female education).

Babbitt led an animated strike against Disney over working conditions in 1941. Studio head Walt Disney nearly had a fist fight with Babbitt over an insult hurled verbally at Babbitt; eventually the animators won their rights and improved conditions.

Natalie Babbitt is an award-winning children’s author whose works have won both Newbery Honors and E. B. White awards, with Tuck Everlasting being considered a classic of children’s literature. Additionally, Natalie has written several other novels including The Land of Oops and Knee-Knock Rise.

Personal Life

Babbitt later achieved great renown as a children’s writer, producing works such as Dick Foote and the Shark, Phoebe’s Revolt, and other picture books written in rhymed verse. Additionally, he contributed short stories to periodicals such as Redbook, Publisher’s Weekly and Cricket.

Babbitt was actively engaged in his community, designing several buildings such as the Torrington Historical Society Carriage House and Social Security offices on New Litchfield Street. Additionally, he served on the Litchfield Board of Education. Betty Jean Babbitt from French Lick and three half brothers and sisters survive him; cremation services were used with his ashes being scattered over Lake in his family’s backyard. On February 23, 2023 at Springs Valley Meadows in French Lick, Indiana at age 84 years old he passed away surrounded by family. His ashes were then scattered over Lake in their back yard before burial by family a lake in French Lick cemetery on February 23, 2023 at Springs Valley Meadows at French Lick Indiana at Springs Valley Meadows French Lick.

Net Worth

Jamie Babbitt has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million due to her success in filmmaking. She has directed various movies and TV shows such as But I’m a Cheerleader, Silicon Valley, Girls, as well as Russian Doll which received positive reviews from critics.

Babbitt alleges that his counsel provided ineffective assistance throughout all three stages of trial; guilt, sanity and penalty phases. According to Babbitt, counsel failed to conduct an extensive background investigation that could present mitigating evidence during mitigating evidence hearings; they elicited damaging expert testimony during the sanity phase; they introduced other theories of mental illness which diminished credibility of his PTSD defense; they failed to explore family history; his family has had histories of mental illness and alcoholism as well as post-Vietnam hallucinations and nightmares which all support his claim of ineffective assistance from his counsel.

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