Th7 Best Base

Best Base For Dark Elixir at TH7

A farming base is the best option for defending Dark Elixir at T7. This type of base has a pathway in the center that confuses troop AI and pathing. It protects the Town Hall. A trophy base can also be used to protect your Dark Elixir and is useful for farming.

This type of base can be used to waste as many attacks and then be 3-Started. This type of base is not one that can do everything, but it can be used to protect your resource buildings and force an attacker to go through maxed walls. It is divided into five sections, which are well-protected with defense, air defense, storage, and both.

This type of base also has several small compartments in the center. In addition to that, it has splash defenses and traps that will eliminate any troops that attack it. A dark elixir storage in the center is also protected by splash defenses. These are just some of the many features that make the TH7 base the best.

This base is ideal for those who want to maximize their Town Hall 7. This base is also ideal for farming Dark Elixir – a key ingredient for upgrading the Barbarian King. This base is populated with dragons, but they won’t attack the inner core.

The best th7 war base has several compartments that are protected by walls. Each section is lined with different types buildings. The town hall is located in one compartment, while the resource towers are in another. There is also a barbarian king alter inside one compartment. The outermost layer has defense buildings and an army.

The best TH7 base protects the resources and Town Hall. While it doesn’t prioritize Dark Elixir as heavily as the next one, it has a number of heavy-air features. It also has several walls, which make ground attacks difficult. There is a strong wall in front of the Town Hall, making this a top-notch war base.

Town Hall 7 defense requires that you protect against mass dragon attacks and hog rider spam. While most people are focused on air defense, a mass attack by hog riders can be just as deadly. It is important to have a balanced defense base. The key is to build different buildings for different types of defense. The air and ground attacking defenses should be in separate compartments. A trap should be installed at the base to protect against mass Dragon attacks.

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