Sweet Old Lady More Like Battle Tested

Is a Sweet Old Lady More Like a Battle Trained Warrior Queen?

Having a sweet old lady is great, but it’s much more like being a battle-tested warrior queen. Here are some of the characteristics of a battle-tested warrior queen.

Characteristics of a battle-tested warrior queen

AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) women have a fierce Warrior Queen inside of them. This warrior queen is a part of each AAPI person and is very important. It is part of the woman that defines her, and many of us can relate to this.

The first AAPI warrior queen, Queen Amina of Zaria, was an influential female leader in north Africa. She was the first female Sarauniya to break through a male-dominated society and expand Hausa territory. In Hausaland, her memory has assumed legendary proportions. The state of Nigeria has erected a statue of Queen Amina in Lagos. Her story is based on oral traditions of Nigeria, and the Kano Chronicles.

A battle-tested warrior queen is a person who has experienced great hardship, but still found the strength to fight back. This person has a passion for protecting their people, and has a warrior’s heart. A warrior queen is a person who defines herself by her fighting spirit.

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