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Steves Restorations and Hot Rods

Steves Restorations and Hot Rods of Frankfort, New York specialize in producing high-quality antique restorations, redesigns and one-of-a-kind vehicles – as seen on popular shows like History Channel’s ‘American Restoration”.

Real Steel Inc, their sister company, produces steel ’33/’34 Roadster bodies for clients from across the nation. Additionally, clients of Real Steel include many automotive enthusiasts from various corners of the country.

Early Life and Education

Steve Frisbie grew up in a family who wasn’t particularly passionate about cars, yet always felt drawn to fixing things himself. By age 16, he saved up enough money for an old car from a neighbor and drove it home connected to their bumper.

His shop has since evolved into the place where dreams become reality, from high profile builds like New Mad and Real Steel to customized vehicles for NSRA giveaways like The Green Machine – his team knows exactly how to take piles of metal and turn it into something both beautiful and functional.

Mohawk Valley business, Mohawk Valley Restorations is making headlines nationwide thanks to their recent appearance on History Channel’s American Restoration show. Their expertise lies in high-end antique restoration and redesign services as well as creating one-off vehicles and motorcycles that stand out.

Professional Career

Steve has experience in disaster restoration work involving fire, water, mold and biohazards as well as providing consulting and dispute services to commercial and residential clients alike.

He has worked on major spills such as the Julie N in Portland, Maine; Barge North Cape in Narragansett Bay; and Exxon Valdez oil disaster. On several of these events he served as lead SSC while also being part of a team that advised NOAA command posts during and before oil spill events occurred.

Robert first met Monika in 1992, and ever since they have been the cornerstone of his personal strength, support, and vision. Together they have developed Robmar Restoration into an organization with robust financial and operational controls and reporting procedures as well as policies that promote its vision through operations.

Achievement and Honors

Steve lived an exciting professional life as well. A forester by profession, he published over 250 peer-reviewed articles, 11 full-length books and numerous book chapters ranging from fire ecology to timberline ecology to silviculture.

His work has received national acclaim, with 9 episodes of History Channel’s American Restorations featuring him. Furthermore, his shop has restored various vehicles including Syracuse Nationals 1927 Roadster and The Green Machine.

He has also worked as an architectural conservator and preservation specialist at Bero Architecture, PLLC as well as contributing editor for Old House Journal. Additionally, he has assisted homeowners restore and preserve their historic wood windows homes as part of home restoration and preservation programs – work which has earned numerous awards and accolades for him.

Personal Life

Steve is an example of perseverance and hard work. Growing up around cars and working at his father’s gas station taught him the skills he uses today when restoring vehicles.

He continued his fascination with automobiles as he aged, eventually going professional and working on cars professionally. Specializing in pre-war models, his impeccable handiwork is known for restoring Model Ts, Model As, Gullwing Mercedes and other classic cars to their former glory.

He and his crew have been featured on nine episodes of History Channel’s American Restoration series, in which his shop staff undertake restoration projects such as restoring a rollerskate car and handicap Torino. Golf carts, antique games, and anything else that crosses their door may also be restored here.

Net Worth

After 14 years as the host of This Old House on PBS, Steve Babinsky now showcases historic and green renovation projects across America on Renovation Nation on Discovery Channel. Additionally, his company Steve Thomas Builders renovates homes for clients.

Rick Dale, an antique restorer featured on Pawn Stars and American Restoration spinoff shows, has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 Million thanks to his success on both platforms. On American Restoration he co-starred alongside Leanne Ford who has an ongoing furniture partnership with Crate & Barrel.

Though the antique market has faltered, vintage automotive restoration business has flourished. Steve’s Restorations and Hot Rods of Frankfort on Southside Road offers complete automotive restoration solutions and has completed projects as varied as restoring a Roller Skate Car for Utica Zoo or rebuilding their iconic Lion water fountain.

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