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Steve Bell at Steves Cabinets

Detail is key when it comes to designing an outstanding Kitchen, Built-in Closet, Media Centre, Bar or Bathroom space. Care and pride go into each piece you install which becomes apparent once the project has been completed.

Steve Latta uses techniques such as spacer blocks and setup pieces to mitigate some of the pitfalls associated with case construction, enabling faster and more efficient building processes.

Early Life and Education

Steves Cabinets is proud to be an authorized Kitchen Craft Cabinetry dealer. Their experienced team will guide you through every step of selecting and designing cabinets to ensure an end product that is sure to wow guests and become an enduring showpiece in any room of your home.

He received his education at Poltair School and St Austell Sixth Form College before enrolling at the University of Southampton to earn a degree in aerospace engineering. Furthermore, he served in the Royal Air Force as an engineer officer for ten years – traveling worldwide.

Steve Silver has designed this striking accent cabinet to bring depth and dimension into your living space, featuring a lattice workfront designed to easily hold remotes. Boasting an exquisite transitional aesthetic wrapped with mirrored glass and block-style legs for added elegance.

Professional Career

Steve designs and constructs custom cabinets as part of his cabinet-making profession, providing estimates and working with various building materials as well as tools like saws and sanders. His services may be utilized either residentially or commercially.

His tenacity and dedication stems from his upbringing. His father instilled him with focus and goal-orientation while his mother nurtured compassion – lessons which he has taken into his professional life.

Odo has served New York State in various public sector capacities for more than 15 years, using his expertise in labor market research to create tools that give programs easier access to information. Additionally, he oversees other responsibilities within his department such as adjudication services, hearing processing and employer liability matters.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Bell has received numerous business and design awards over his long career, such as being honored with the 2023 Frank Haas Integrity in Business award presented by Seattle Pacific University’s Center for Faithful Business. This accolade recognizes those business leaders who conduct themselves ethically while showing an example of faith combined with work.

Steve Bell is known for his meticulous attention to detail within his family’s cabinet business. He learned the value of quality and craftsmanship from his father, who taught him the importance of applying equal care on both the front and back sides of a board.

As with his business ventures, he’s built his company around this philosophy, and his team has successfully produced and distributed millions of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

Personal Life

Steve was raised by a father who taught him to use equal care and craftsmanship when creating pieces from both sides of a piece. This philosophy led to Steve building Bellmont Cabinet Company into an extraordinary success story that has gained national acclaim.

On his journey, he also successfully prosecuted numerous public officials and corporate executives accused of fraud, bribery, and corruption. Additionally, he published several articles and lectured extensively about trial strategy; cyber security; data privacy law and trade secret law.

Steve and Elizabeth currently reside locally in Port St Lucie. Together they enjoy working on projects for client spaces – often taking ideas or inspiration and turning it into stunning new designs or installations projects for them to complete. Both hope for a future with less travel and more time spent at home.

Net Worth

Net worth is an invaluable measure of financial health when it comes to building wealth. It takes into account everything you own – cash and investment accounts to real estate and cars – while subtracting debt such as credit card bills, student loans or mortgages.

Jeff began learning woodworking in junior high school, and was immediately drawn to its art. He enjoys meeting customers to understand their vision and design the ideal pieces for their space and decor.

Steves countertops etc. is an Authorized MasterBrand Cabinetry Dealer serving Sauk Rapids, MN. Their highly trained professionals will assist in choosing and designing your dream kitchen to create an exquisite space you’ll adore – they also offer professional installation services!

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