How to Write a Good Introduction to an Essay

An essay’s introductory paragraph sets the stage for its topic and expresses your point of view on that subject matter. Effective introductions provide details that establish existing perspectives and cultural attitudes on an issue you’re discussing – for instance, this first sentence of this intro provides unique insight into college tuition costs and family debt levels.

Personal Life

Steve is an enthusiastic Philadelphia sports fan, but even more dedicated to his family. Married to Audrey – his 8th grade sweetheart – they have two adult children together. Steve loves his wife, family, Philadelphia teams he cheers for but most importantly his faith.

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Net Worth

Net worth is an indicator of an individual’s financial health and can be calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets – assets including cash, retirement accounts, investment assets and equity such as that found in houses or cars. Liabilities include credit card debt, mortgages and student loans. Net worth provides an overall picture of someone’s finances and is often used to assess eligibility for investments or financial products. Net worth is a popular metric in business and can be applied to individuals, corporations, sectors or countries. A positive net worth indicates that assets cover liabilities and provides financial security; conversely a negative net worth indicates liabilities outstripped assets which can pose financial issues; individuals can increase their net worth by paying down debt or increasing assets.

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