Steven Sturgis

Wellington Photographer Steven Sturgis

Steven Sturgis holds a strong appreciation for Wellington and all its inhabitants, showing it each time he comes through town. He loves this city with all his heart, showing it off every time he’s there.

His friends recall him always going the extra mile to attend choir or band concerts and plays that take place.

Early Life and Education

Over his career in Wyoming and Wichita, Sturgis held various jobs as a Juvenile Court Service Officer, Limo Driver, Ranch Hand and Psychiatric Technician. Additionally he served as District Manager in Charge of Circulation at Wichita Eagle newspaper and Quality Assurance Planner.

He and his website have always been there as supporters for students whether on the field, classroom or stage. He often shied away from recognition; to him it was all about kids!

Tonight he will be honored as the 2022 Crusader Wall of Recognition Inductee and receive his biography at Class Night that will later be framed and displayed at Wellington High School. The Wellington community has shown their appreciation through tributes and fundraisers; hundreds attended his candlelight vigil last Friday evening.

Professional Career

Sturgis was beloved member of Wellington High School community, beloved by thousands of students as “Mr Wellington.” Beginning his career at Boeing Corporation in Wichita before taking voluntary leave package to care for his parents, upon returning home he created website and photograph school events – many times even himself!

Sturgis was at every event from cheerleading competitions to debate matches, documenting his students and local members alike and creating lasting memories.

Wellington police officers Sergeant Dylan Siscoe and Officer Beth Bachand were recently lauded for their quick response when an individual suffered cardiac arrest. They administered AED treatment before performing CPR until an ambulance crew could arrive; unfortunately he later passed away.

Achievement and Honors

Sturgis, who achieved much in his lifetime, always preferred to let his photographs do the talking instead of seeking recognition for himself.

But his recent diagnosis has changed that dynamic dramatically; since his friends in Wellington have rallied together in his support and honored him as they show him kindness from all corners.

Sturgis will be honored during Wellington High School’s Class Night by being presented with a plaque to recognize his years of service to our community, helping shape countless student lives over time. He will be sorely missed, yet his legacy lives on within those who knew and understood him best; truly an unrivaled Crusader whom we all owe our gratitude to!

Personal Life

Sturgis was much-beloved in his community. He would often show up to events where students were competing or acting in plays/sports events and show his support by taking photos and cheering them on with encouragement.

He served as Webmaster for Wellington High School and helped establish a WHS television station and school newscast. With an avid desire for learning and an appreciation of Wellington, he was truly beloved at Wellington.

He was an inspiration to Sheldon due to his comfort with public speaking, concern for safety and knack for dispensing knowledge. He frequently wore tweed jackets with elbow patches and rode his bike; like Sheldon he knew how to prepare Szechuan cuisine using his travel wok from biking through China; also enjoyed watching Toy Story movies with purple as his favorite color; loved grilled cheese sandwiches and vanilla ice cream dessert were among his favorites!

Net Worth

Sturgis has amassed great wealth over time and currently stands at $5 Million. His primary occupation is television hosting; however, and any information about his personal life would likely be kept under wraps.

He has appeared in various movies and TV series such as Bar Patron, NYPD Blue and Malcolm and Eddie among many others. Furthermore, he played Caz in General Hospital/Port Charles as well as various episodes of The District.

He married his college sweetheart Jennifer Grimes in 1992 and they have two sons named Evan and Dane. He became a regular on Shipping Wars for A&E, while also providing his voice as Ebon in Static Shock’s cartoon series.

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