Steven Scheier

Father Steven Scheier, an Underwriter With Argo Group International Holdings

Scheier was responsible for creating some of the country’s premier special teams units during his time at Wake Forest. Under his supervision, his kickers, punters, and kickoff returners earned All-Big 12 honors.

Father Steven Scheier discussed in an appearance on Mother Angelica’s EWTN show how, following his accident, he found himself standing before Jesus for judgment – only to be told he would go directly to hell.

Early Life and Education

Steven Spielberg has long been one of Hollywood’s premier directors and highest-grossing film producers. He is known for helming such notable projects as Jaws, Saving Private Ryan and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial; each winning multiple awards.

Father Scheier miraculously survived an auto accident on October 18, 1985 that could have taken his life. Initially feared dead in the accident, Father Scheier somehow remained conscious after suffering major head trauma during a collision between himself and a truck while driving to his parish in Wichita.

He credits God’s mercy and the Blessed Mother with saving him, recalling how Jesus revealed all of the sinful behaviors he had engaged in during a conversation right after the crash and advised him to cease doing so.

Professional Career

Steven Scheier is an underwriter with Argo Group International Holdings’ Management Liability and Crime and Fidelity Unit. With more than two decades of experience underwriting management liability products and insurance products, he has held various roles at Argo such as product development, underwriting and leadership.

He serves on the board of Rise Up, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls, youth and women to transform their own lives, communities and countries. His passion lies in assisting others in reaching their goals and dreams.

He uses his expertise to assist cannabis and hemp businesses articulate their vision, strengthen leaders, and mobilize teams. Furthermore, he helps maximize business opportunities for these firms through 1×1 leadership coaching services and the formation of advisory boards. Through his work at Apple he gained valuable insight into creating cultures that deliver extraordinary results.

Achievement and Honors

Father Steven Scheier nearly died in 1985, yet was miraculously spared through God’s mercy and came back stronger as a priest and understander of His mercy more fully. He even appeared on Mother Angelica’s show on EWTN in the 1990s to share his story.

At Wake Forest and Bowling Green, he helped establish some of the premier special teams units in college football. Under his tutelage, punter Alex Kinal earned All-MAC honors in 2014 and Ray Guy Award semifinalist status the following year while tight end Cam Serigne set an all-freshman school record for receptions and receiving yards at Wake Forest.

He joined Temple’s coaching staff as special teams coordinator and tight ends coach in 2022, helping the Owls rank among the top 30 nationally for special teams efficiency.

Personal Life

Father Steven Scheier was ordained a priest in 1973. On October 18, 1985 while driving back to his parish in Wichita, Kansas he was involved in a head-on collision with a truck which caused a severe break to the second cervical vertebra in his neck – doctors gave him only 15% chances of survival.

He remembered being rushed to a hospital after an accident and being placed into a coma, recalling having an encounter with Jesus immediately afterwards, during which Our Lord reviewed all his sins; no excuses could be offered by this individual, agreeing with Jesus that hell deserved them both.

He then heard a woman’s voice pleading on his behalf; later realizing it was the Blessed Mother Mary asking Jesus for another chance at life.

Net Worth

His estimated worth is an estimated $800,000. That includes his salary, retirement package and mortgage on his Westhampton Beach home; but his greatest asset may be his congregation that attends every week for kiddish, an after-service dinner held each Saturday at his synagogue.

He excels at sharing vision, building trust and mobilizing people behind his cause. Additionally, he knows how to distribute power and make decisions efficiently. According to him, becoming an effective CEO requires having an inspiring vision, discussing it powerfully while cultivating trust while delegating authority to others – this process should all happen organically over time.

Morality isn’t top priority among his many followers, who frequently travel two hours each way to hear him preach. Some women even admit having an attraction towards him.

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