Steven Schall

Steven Schall, PhD, is an Expert in Healthcare Coordination

Steven Schall is a highly qualified healthcare coordination professional. He offers guidance to individuals and families in navigating interactions with large healthcare institutions, and excels at interpreting often complex medical research.

His research centers around understanding how neural signals facilitate computations that result in task performance, with particular interest being paid to cognitive neurophysiological phenomena that arise during visual search tasks.

Early Life and Education

Steven Schall was born and raised in York, Nebraska. Before becoming disabled nearly 20 years ago, he worked as a sanitation worker in various beef plants nearby. Since becoming disabled he enjoys watching NASCAR racing events, Nebraska football, old movies and riding his scooter around town.

He holds two Masters: Hunter College City University of New York for Social Work and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for City Planning. Additionally, he has extensive experience with program development, finance and facility planning for non-profits.

Steve currently works as a healthcare coordination professional and assists his clients with the complexities surrounding health. He listens, offers sound assessment and is adept at helping individuals navigate interactions with large healthcare institutions. Steve can also find expert medical providers nationwide and internationally as necessary.

Professional Career

Schall is a healthcare coordination expert, working closely with individuals and families to navigate complex healthcare arrangements. He has experience managing a wide range of medical conditions and can provide information about reliable providers in both the US and internationally.

Schall & Russo Planning Works’ partners also include him as they head up their executive search practice and his extensive experience includes roles such as executive, program manager, planner, social worker in community development and healthcare settings.

Schall boasts an extensive coaching resume in Central Florida, most notably serving as the Head Coach of Rollins Tars in the FCSL as well as West Orange High School baseball team in Winter Garden. He is widely respected for being able to develop young players into exceptional college baseball players.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Schall has won numerous awards and recognition for his research into how the brain decides where to look, when or if to produce movements and when mistakes have been made. Additionally, his focus includes linking these cognitive neurophysiological findings to human perception and performance.

He is a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Sciences, having published over fifty articles and two books.

He has received multiple honorary degrees and was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Additionally, he received the Jum C Nunnally Research Award.

Personal Life

Steven Schall has long been active in his community. With experience as a non-profit executive, program developer, planner, social worker, educator and partner at his own consulting firm (Schall & Russo Planning Works) as well as being on the Board of University Settlement a Lower East Side nonprofit he currently sits as Vice Chairman on their Governing Body.

He brings experience in community development, finance and management and holds a license from New York as a Master Social Worker. With deep insight into the challenges non-profits face today and an ability to identify effective growth strategies he understands how important his position is in helping organizations flourish.

His and his wife’s dedication to helping others is apparent when they volunteer at a food pantry, bowling, golfing or visiting family and friends.

Net Worth

Steven Schall is a Partner in Orange County and member of the firm’s US Investment Committee. He collaborates with clients to develop Investment Policy Statements and asset allocation guidelines; furthermore he manages and monitors client portfolios containing fixed income investments such as taxable fixed income securities.

He also leads the firm’s executive search practice and collaborates closely with non-profit organizations, philanthropies, and international NGO’s to recruit leaders for these groups. Furthermore, he offers individual coaching and career development advising services.

Michael Schall has an estimated net worth of $22.2 Million as of 29 March 2022, as calculated by Forbes magazine. Since 2004 he has made 34 trades of Essex Property Trust stock totalling more than $3,017,000228 and most recently exercised 12,132 units worth over that sum. You can be alerted the next time Michael makes a trade by entering your email address below and getting notified instantly!

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