Steven Scardino

Steven Scardino

Within America’s entertainment industry, there are distinct divisions between theater and television that must not be crossed at any cost, yet some prominent professionals have dared to straddle them successfully.

Steve Scardino stands out as an outstanding California workers’ compensation attorney who combines extensive legal knowledge with an engaging presentation style.

Early Life and Education

Steven Scardino is an attorney at Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein LLP in Los Angeles and was admitted to practice before California courts in 2007.

He is a member of the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association and serves on both its Public Safety and Labor committees, in addition to speaking on workers’ compensation law at various conferences and seminars.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Linda; daughter Jacqueline; brother Tony; sister in law Lenora Hebert Faulkner Groden (Jeff), niece Amaliah Varazo and nephew Tino Varazo; as well as 8 Samoyed dogs that will miss him greatly. Donations in lieu of flowers would also be greatly appreciated by Philip F. Profetta Funeral Home for private interment arrangements.

Professional Career

Steven Scardino has over two decades of experience as a lawyer. He holds a law degree from University of West Los Angeles and is licensed to practice in California. Currently working at Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein LLP helping individuals navigate Workers’ Compensation matters.

Scardino has not only distinguished himself professionally in legal work, but has also written several music theatre pieces. His full length musical The Library won him a National Endowment for the Arts Production Grant and was workshopped at New Harmony Project before it premiered at Maine State Music Theatre.

He has directed multiple television shows, such as Law & Order, 2 Broke Girls and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Furthermore, he has directed stage productions such as The Indian in the Cupboard and Sacrilege.

Achievement and Honors

Scardino was born and raised in New York City to jazz musicians. As an artist he has excelled across Broadway, film, television, voice over work and voice acting – receiving multiple award nominations and wins; having directed episodes for 30 Rock, Law & Order 2 Broke Girls and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend among other projects.

Burt Wonderstone was his directorial debut and also features Steve Carell as an ageing magician who finds his place threatened by an emerging young illusionist, which he also wrote and produced.

Ashlynn Dapper and Sammy Scardino from Sherwood Christian Academy’s (SCA) Class of 2021 have been named valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Both students earned scholarships such as the STAR student scholarship, headmaster scholar honors, and National Honor Society honors for their accomplishments – some of which they plan to use toward studying communications at Anderson University.

Personal Life

Within the entertainment industry, there are distinct lines between theater, television and film that should not be crossed at any cost; yet respected practitioners like Steve Scardino can successfully traverse these boundaries with grace and skill.

He has extensive directing experience on television series such as 30 Rock. Additionally, his film credits include Me and Veronica and Advice From A Caterpillar.

He currently resides in Bay St Louis, Mississippi with his wife and daughter. Loislyn was an exquisite woman both inside and out who exuded grace and generosity in equal measures. She loved people immensely while relishing every small pleasure. Her legacy will live on through family, friends, and all who knew her.

Net Worth

In the 1970s, he made numerous TV series appearances such as Laverne & Shirley while making his screenwriting debut for three episodes of this popular sitcom. Additionally, he wrote for various TV shows and movies and earned himself a Writers Guild of America Award in 1995.

Scardino serves as CEO of Pearson plc, one of the world’s premier education companies and owner of Penguin Books and Financial Times. Under her direction, Pearson plc has navigated two recessions, a financial crisis and numerous waves of structural change successfully.

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