Steven Sadler

Steven Sadler, Actor and Board Member at Venture Logistics

Steve Sadler serves as Director of Truckload Operations at Venture Logistics, a freight and logistics services provider. Additionally, he sits on the boards for Open Text Corp and Enghouse Systems Ltd.

As well as his duties with the logistics company, he also works as a DT teacher and has integrated Autodesk Inventor into his schools curriculum. Furthermore, he has given demonstrations to other DT teachers across the UK.

Early Life and Education

Sadler was an IT professional specializing in big data and information security, but by his 30s felt dissatisfied with life, believing possessions and money would bring happiness. So like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, he decided to experiment with cocaine.

Nod was one of the most successful online stores for illegal drugs on Silk Road history. He took orders and secured supply connections while Jenna White handled delivery to customers.

Sadler agreed to become an informant, hoping his cooperation would earn him some leniency or even get-out-of-jail-free card from authorities. He sent messages to Dread Pirate Roberts and worked hard to earn his trust; hoping Roberts would reveal where Nod’s servers were located but found himself outwitted as other Silk Road cocaine vendors began passing Nod’s offers along.

Professional Career

Before his arrest in October 2013, Steven Sadler made an impressive living selling “fish scale cocaine” and black tar heroin on Silk Road, an online black market. Along with his girlfriend Jenna White, they ran what authorities consider to be Seattle’s largest drug dealing operation.

As soon as the FBI seized the website, they started conducting surveillance of its network users – including Dread Pirate Roberts who Sadler considered his boss and believed cooperating would result in reduced charges or possibly even an opportunity for early release from jail.

Steve Sadler brings over 30 years of technology industry sales and leadership experience. Formerly serving as Director of Sales for Lydonia Technologies – an award-winning provider of enterprise software solutions for remote work, call centers and visual computing for next generation SDN networks – Steve served as their Director of Sales until 2018.

Achievement and Honors

Sadler has shown his photography in galleries and private collections around the world as well as published books. His photographs have also received awards and been presented at BETT and other EdTech conferences as regular presentations about digital STEM. Furthermore, he serves on several company boards as Director and is currently Chairman of Enghouse Systems Limited.

He first made an impressionful debut as mentally retarded character Moose in the 1990 movie IT. Since then he has also made appearances in several other movies and TV shows.

Sadler served as assistant administrator of the TSA intelligence office during a period when employees claimed discrimination and retaliation when reporting security concerns. In addition to that role, he also served as federal prosecutor before starting up a security consultancy and authoring numerous books on business management and technology.

Personal Life

Though Sadler had earned himself an impressive reputation online, he seemed indifferent to his own difficulties. When his girlfriend Jenna White was arrested for drug charges with him, Sadler didn’t seem to care; in fact, he continued selling drugs out of his apartment.

He was eventually caught when his partner began taking sealed product packages to post offices in Seattle where clerks recognized her handwriting. Soon thereafter, Homeland Security asked him to start cooperating.

He agreed, yet felt betrayed when his pretrial officer and government gave him little credit for his contributions leading up to Dread Pirate Roberts’ arrest. Since then, he has taught secondary education, introducing Robotics into its Technology curriculum; EBS became the most successful secondary school in UK in Autodesk VEX events thanks to their students under his tutelage.

Net Worth

Sadler was an established actor with a steady income and no criminal history. He served as stage manager at Trinity Square Repertory Company in Providence and appeared in over 75 productions there.

He became known by customers as Nod, for providing quality heroin and cocaine at reasonable prices, with excellent shipping services, making an estimated monthly profit of more than $70,000 from drug sales alone.

Homeland Security offered Sadler money and an opportunity for redemption if he would help dismantle Silk Road; but this wasn’t enough to satisfy him; instead he betrayed fellow dealers while betraying customers and becoming disdainful towards customers. Sadler is currently a director for both OpenText and Enghouse Systems Limited as well as having served as CEO of GEAC Computer Corporation Ltd in the past.

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