Steven Michaud

The Life of Steven Michaud

Steve Michaud is an accomplished drummer who has performed with various bands and jazz clubs around the country as well as touring Europe extensively. Additionally, he served on East Brunswick High School faculty.

He has collaborated on writings with retired FBI profiler Roy Hazelwood regarding both high-profile (such as Atlanta child murders) and more esoteric cases, such as those regarding child abduction in Georgia.

Early Life and Education

Steven Michaud was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A proud U.S. Army veteran and teacher from East Brunswick High School for thirty-seven years before retiring early he leaves behind his wife Kelly, two sons (Samuel and Charles), as well as many nieces, nephews, and cousins to remember him fondly.

Michaud began his real reporting career in 1971 by interviewing Rudolph Wanderone, commonly referred to as Minnesota Fats – a pool shark with whom he later did an in-depth profile of. Since then he has tackled more challenging subjects, such as sexual sadist Mike DeBardeleben and serial killer Ted Bundy.

In 2000, he published Dark Dreams – an exploration of criminal psychology – and later collaborated on helping Beck Weathers write Left for Dead (his memoir about Mount Everest during 1996 disaster in which multiple climbers perished).

Professional Career

Steven Michaud is an esteemed member of the American Bar Association and Martindale-Hubbell has awarded him an AV Preeminent rating. Additionally, he belongs to both the Association of the Bar of New York and State Bar of California.

His works have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Boston Globe and other periodicals. His first ghost writing project was Witness to War, Dr. Charles Clements’ memoir about treating civilian victims during El Salvador’s brutal civil war.

Michaud is a licensed land surveyor in NH, VT & RI who heads Doucet Survey’s UAV division – supervising projects using this cutting-edge technology for mapping, volumetric & inspection purposes. In his free time he enjoys skiing & hockey while spending time with his two sons; Kelly currently resides with them both in Tewksbury.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Michaud is an award-winning author who specializes in criminal justice-related books such as Lethal Shadow and Dark Dreams. His works have been recognized by critics as some of the finest works ever published on serial killers.

Michaud is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. During this time he held numerous leadership roles including that of commander of Maine Air National Guard at Camp Chamberlain.

He serves on the boards of several nonprofits and is a member of the Association of the Bar of New York; in addition, he has spoken at conferences worldwide. Although his list of accomplishments is extensive, he considers his greatest achievement his family. Kelly A. Greeley-Michaud is his wife; Samuel and Charles are their two sons.

Personal Life

Michaud was a loving husband and father. He cherished family time, teaching both of his sons hockey skills. Additionally, he was active within his local church community as a church member as well as being involved with volunteer work in his neighborhood.

He was an accomplished author, with numerous works such as Lethal Shadow: Sexual Sadism in Contemporary Culture to his credit, several true crime books written alone or co-authored with Jon Krakauer such as their highly praised book Into Thin Air.

Michaud had ghost written numerous books, such as Frank Yturria’s memoir Patriarch. Additionally, he is working on Charles Stillman, a Connecticut Yankee who amassed immense wealth trading contraband Confederate cotton along the Rio Grande during the American Civil War and also authoring children’s books.

Net Worth

Michaud wrote extensively during his lifetime on various subjects such as historical events, true crime, mountain climbing and Conversations With a Killer (an account of Ted Bundy), which the New York Daily News listed among the 10 Best True Crime Books Ever Written.

Michaud’s work was published in several periodicals and garnered many awards and recognitions, both professionally and socially. Alongside writing, Michaud also participated in charitable activities such as membership of the American Association of Publishers and Author’s Guild; additionally he lectured at University of Massachusetts Lowell. Michaud raised two sons – Samuel and Charles. He currently resides in Tewksbury with Kelly his wife of 29 years and their respective siblings Mark N. Michaud (South Lawrence), Mark A Michaud/Micheline/Bev Persico/Persico residing in Methuen; plus several nieces/nephesephesephes/grandnieces/grandnieces/grandnieces/grandnieces/nepheseces/grandnieces/grandnieces/grandnieces/grandnieces/grandnieces/grandnieces/grandnieces).

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