Steven McArdle

Steven McArdle

McArdle’s works feature paintings that use small lights to illuminate specific parts of an image. This technique enables him to produce various hues, volumes, and shadows for his paintings.

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Early Life and Education

Stephen McArdle is an American attorney specializing in criminal law, family law and workers compensation law. A member of the New York State Bar Association with an outstanding Martindale-Hubble rating, Stephen is also chairperson for St Joseph Center – an organization helping working poor families as well as homeless women, children and men become productive members of society while being self-supportive members themselves.

Experienced fans of Steven McArdle will no doubt welcome this collection, which brings together Vendetta: Holy Vindicator mini-series and Artillery one-shot. His style fuses elements from 90s comics with the thrash metal aesthetic that gave rise to Metalica and Megadeth. Delivering his work like an early Dave Mustaine would do, his pieces resonate powerfully throughout.

Professional Career

He is a New York City real estate broker with an outstanding track record. A top producer agent, he prides himself in offering unparalleled client care services on an individual basis.

Since 2009, he has been actively engaged in the planning, development, and execution of the NHL’s digital portfolio. Additionally, he serves as responsible party for conducting business analysis, evaluation, planning and negotiation of domestic and international media rights for the league.

Megan McArdle has been described as a Koch-trained conservative activist working as a business journalist. She received journalism training at the right-wing Institute for Humane Studies and promoted their political agenda on various news outlets like Newsweek/Daily Beast without disclosing potential conflicts of interests.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1999, Steven has been teaching, researching and community service at UCLA Anderson as an innovative leader. His writings have been featured in leading academic journals while receiving multiple honors and awards.

Contributing to New York City arts since 1984, playing bass and singing with world-class musicians like Victor Lewis, Robby Ameen, Clarence Penn, Keith Aleo and KT Sullivan has been part of his artistic contribution. Additionally he serves on the board for St Joseph Center – an organization helping working poor families as well as homeless men, women and children become productive members of society – where he volunteers regularly as a board member.

Steven received his Bachelor’s of Arts with Honors from the University of Nevada Reno in 2004 and served as President of Honors College Student Council and two-term ASUN Senator.

Personal Life

Steven McArdle is an active community participant, contributing to various charitable initiatives. He founded Walk With Us NYC – a non-profit that provides essential shoes and socks to lower Manhattan residents in need – as well as serving on New York City’s task force on overcrowding in schools.

He loves spending his free time with his family; married to college sweetheart Alysa Goldrich and father of Emerson. Additionally, he is an active athlete, being inducted into both St. John’s Athletics Hall of Fame and Premier Lacrosse League All-Star team – winning multiple championships during his professional career, in addition to being honored as an All-American.

Net Worth

He boasts a net worth of approximately $10 million and is actively engaged in his community, having worked on various charitable projects and supporting the arts. Furthermore, he was key in the development of Lower Manhattan.

He is an avid sports fan with a particular love of lacrosse. He owns shares in the San Diego Seals and has been an enthusiastic proponent for expanding their league.

He enjoys mountain biking, skiing, CrossFit, murder mysteries and spending time with family. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur and has owned multiple businesses; co-founding Walk With Us NYC as an organization helping those in need in New York City is something else he takes great pleasure in doing.

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