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On August 28, 2022, Lvnv Funding Llc filed a Consumer Debt-Creditor case against Steven E. Matrejek in Putnam County Courts under Judge Gina C Capone’s direction.

Early Life and Education

Steven Matrejek was born in April 1959 and currently resides at 79 William Floyd Pkwy in Shirley NY 11967 for around 41 years after moving there in September 1981. Additionally, Crecencia Martinez, Dana N Martinez Andrew A Martinez and Angie M Talbott live nearby.

Steve Matrejek had resided at 70 Oakland Street in Red Bank New Jersey; 9203 Quail Field Drive Austin Texas and 14 Albon Court Middletown New Jersey respectively, at various times and was also known by various aliases such as:

On October 31st 2022, LVNV Funding Llc filed a debt collection suit against Steven Matrejek in New York state court, represented by attorney Stephen Einstein and for an amount of $10,703.90.

Professional Career

Steven Matrejek held various financial services executive positions across banking, credit unions and insurance companies. Since 2016, he has been employed by New Jersey Community Bank as vice president. Since 1997 he has also owned Matrejek & Associates insurance agency; serving on many community organizations’ and non-profits’ boards of directors as an Executive.

At present, he resides at 79 William Floyd Pkwy in Shirley NY 11967 since 1981; prior to that, he lived at 4 Townsend Ln in Brewster NY 10509 for 20 years prior. It is estimated that his net worth stands at $550,000.

He is thought to be married, yet no more information could be gleaned about their marital status or any children and grandchildren he might have.

Personal Life

Steven Matrejek met Maureen Elizabeth Matrejek while living in Middletown, New Jersey, and they now share two children together – Jessica and Julia. Additionally, there are several close relatives like Edward Matrejek and Janet Matrejek that could potentially influence him in various ways.

According to public records, Matrejek currently lives at 79 William Floyd Pkwy in Shirley, NY 11967 since September 1981 and for around 41 years before that at Po Box 828 Brewster New York starting 2006. Prior to this he lived at 14 Albon Ct and also used the moniker Steve in various locations he has lived at before and throughout his lifetime – with historical records and family trees being accessible via his website.

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