Steven Lindberg

Steven Lindberg – Michigan State Representative

Lindberg is an environmental chemist and specialist in forest ecosystem trace metals, atmospheric deposition processes and atmosphere/surface exchange of air toxics. He has published many articles and book chapters.

He was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2006, representing the 109th district that includes Alger, Luce, Schoolcraft and most of Marquette County. Additionally he serves on three committees including Education; Energy & Technology and Labor.

Early Life and Education

Steven Lindberg hails from Michigan. Elected to represent the 109th District – comprising Alger, Luce Schoolcraft and most of Marquette – by voters in 2006 as a Democratic State Representative, he serves on committees such as Education Energy Technology Labor Tourism Outdoor Recreation Natural Resources

He is married and has three children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He attended Gwinn High School before going on to Northern Michigan University for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration as well as guidance and counseling respectively.

Steven is an English version of Saint Stephen and King Stephen – two important Christian and medieval figures who can provide inspiration. Boys who bear this name stand a good chance at achieving great power and glory throughout their lives.

Professional Career

Lindberg takes an introspective approach on his solo acoustic album Songs From the Elkhorn Trail, paying a touching homage to his late father while exploring human relationships that may eventually pass us by.

Lindberg earned his Forestry degree at the University of New Hampshire and began his forestry career at Bickford Lumber Company in Tamworth, New Hampshire where he performed custom sawing on weekends. Subsequently he went on to consult as a consulting forester as well as providing expert witness testimony in timber sales cases and real estate law cases.

He holds a pro-labor, progressive voting record in the State House and serves on numerous committees for Education, Energy & Technology, Labor, Tourism & Outdoor Recreation as well as being on Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees.

Achievement and Honors

After attending Gwinn High School, Lindberg went on to earn his degree at Northern Michigan University with a bachelor of business administration, teaching certificate, and master’s in guidance and counseling. Before retiring in 1997 he taught and served as guidance counselor in Marquette public schools system.

Researcher in biogeochemical cycles and mercury deposition. Has undertaken research sabbaticals at University of Gottingen (Germany) and Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Lindberg has served in Michigan’s State House since 2006, representing its 109th District that encompasses Alger, Luce, Schoolcraft and part of Marquette. As part of this role he sits on various committees including Education; Energy & Technology; Labor; Tourism; Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Resources committees.

Personal Life

Steve Lindberg is married and the proud grandfather of two grandchildren. In addition to being an accomplished wildlife photographer, Steve serves in the Michigan House of Representatives representing the 109th District that covers much of Upper Peninsula and serves on Education, Energy & Technology Labor Tourism Outdoor Recreation Natural Resources Committees.

He generally holds liberal voting records in the state legislature. However, he has opposed bills banning late term abortions and characterizing discrimination on sexual orientation grounds as hate crimes.

He has also served as a vocal coach and drama teacher. For some time he served as director of Unity on Cape Cod church’s youth program – acting as “Jack of All Trades”, always willing to assist in any way possible.

Net Worth

People With Money estimates Lindberg’s net worth to be $145 Million. His fortune was amassed through wise stock investments, significant property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals and various other ventures.

Lindberg’s privately held company, Eli Global, boasts several subsidiaries ranging from wine wholesaler to eye doctor practices. Additionally, Eli Global seeks out companies it can acquire and grow through acquisition.

Lindberg has long been known as an active political donor. His contributions span from super PACs and state/federal campaigns, to numerous nonprofits such as Durham Performing Arts Center donations and scholarship funding for students attending North Carolina historically black colleges totaling up to $1 Million over five years through his foundation. Furthermore, he and his wife own multiple mansions around Triangle area.

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