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Logan Levkoff Cortes – Internationally Recognized Expert on Relationships and Encourages Honest Conversation About Sexuality

Logan Levkoff is an internationally acclaimed expert on relationships and encourages open conversation about sexuality. While her exact age remains private, her estimated salary ranges between $10,000-25,000 per annum.

Bow of Heaven shares the meticulous research and traditional pacing of Steven Saylor’s best Roman historical novels, while its portrayal of Marcus Crassus surpasses that of any since Thornton Wilder’s Julius Caesar.

Early Life and Education

Rabbi Jerome Davidson performed their marriage ceremony yesterday at the Plaza. Mrs. Levkoff-Cortes is a private consultant and educator specializing in programs on adolescent sexuality for schools in Manhattan. She received both her M.A. in education from Penn, as well as her bachelor’s from Delaware; both parents own businesses: Mr Levkoff of Brookville owns Standard Group that manufactures paperboard for packaging product, while Susan works at RSL Collection of vintage jewelry and accessories, run by her parents (Steven Levkoff of Brookville passed away).

Professional Career

Once his undergraduate studies were complete, Levkoff took his skills into the business world as a software programmer and financial analyst for Smith Barney before going independent to establish Capital Markets Decisions, an independent company which produced data terminals designed to assist hedge funds and investment banks analyze purchase/sale decisions.

Reuters thrived until it came under threat by Bloomberg and their investment analytics system for fund managers, which provided aggressive analysis. When Bloomberg offered similar technology, Reuters hired Mr. Levkoff to develop something similar and agreed for him to run their subsidiary called Reuters Analytics according to court documents.

Personal Life

Logan Levkoff Cortes is a private consultant and educator specializing in adolescent sexuality. She designs programs used in numerous schools throughout Manhattan. Logan hails from Brookville, N.Y. where her parents Susan and Steven Levkoff own and operate The Standard Group which manufactures paperboard products used as product packaging.

Pacific Indemnity Company and Steven and Sue Levkoff filed suit against Preferred Mutual Insurance Company and Michael Lampro, principal of Steven Michael Designs (SMD). SMD damaged Levkoff property while performing tree and brush removal work. A Superior Court judge issued judgment for SMD; on appeal the plaintiffs tried unsuccessfully to overturn this judgment on various grounds but were unsuccessful; ultimately it was upheld in its entirety.

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