Steven Jernigan

Steven Jernigan, PT

Steven Jernigan is a practicing physical therapist located in Greenville, Mississippi who accepts multiple insurance plans and holds board certification in physical therapy.

He works in an expansive barn-like shop near his East Milton wood-sided house; both structures were handcrafted by himself.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Jernigan hails from Eufaula, Alabama and attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science before going on to KU Medical Center in Kansas City to earn both Master and Doctor of Physical Therapy credentials.

Bay Design Associates Architects in Pensacola, Florida was acquired by GMC in 2019. Over his professional career he served as AIA National Director for Florida/Caribbean Chapter as well as receiving AIA Florida’s Gold Medal Award – their highest accolade bestowed upon an individual in the profession.

His research interests focus on interprofessional education and practice. He heads up KU’s IPE Champions workgroup as well as assessment and scholarship committee, while also working closely with colleagues at LEARN PT laboratory.

Professional Career

Jernigan is also an influential community leader and an effective political advocate on local, state, and national levels for architecture practice. He serves as board member of Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design while taking an active part in various other professional committees and boards as a leader.

As director of KU’s Physical Therapy Doctoral program, he leads interprofessional education as part of its curriculum and the IPE Champions workgroup within the School of Health Professions. Furthermore, multiple opportunities have presented themselves for him to train both students and faculty nationally in interprofessional education and practice.

Jernigan will speak at Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2021 on how systems and digitalisation can help mitigate disruption, increase pipeline visibility and influence component strategies across the supply chain.

Achievement and Honors

Jernigan earned three Sun Belt Conference offensive player of the week awards while at Troy and holds multiple records, such as receiving yards and pass receptions per game. Additionally, he helped lead his team to four Sun Belt titles and an appearance in a bowl game.

He is an active participant at KUMC Center for Interprofessional Education, Practice and Research where he heads both Curriculum and IPE Champions workgroups. Nationally he trains faculty and students in effective interprofessional clinical precepting techniques.

He has been invited to present at several national conferences on interprofessional education and has served as mentor for new faculty members interested in IPE. Along with members of his lab team (Stacia Troshynski-Brown, Yvonne Colgrove and Mildred Oligbo), they have published in Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice.

Personal Life

Jernigan holds numerous interests outside the realm of physical therapy. He conducts scholarly research related to interprofessional education and practice; his findings have been published in academic journals. Furthermore, Jernigan teaches foundational clinical courses such as PTRS 703 Applied Anatomy and 711 Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics at Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City.

He works out of a barn-style workshop near his wood-sided home near Pensacola and constructed both structures himself.

He has handcrafted thousands of knives over the years. He meticulously tracked every sale to track who purchased each knife when and for how much. Collectors from around the globe clamor for his knives; demand exceeds supply significantly; yet, his standards remain uncompromised.

Net Worth

Jernigan crafts his knives in a large barn-like shop near his handcrafted wood home, located close by. Every aspect of every Jernigan knife is painstakingly hand-crafted – creating works of skilled artisans worth as much as $5,000 each.

He currently sits on the Kennedy Center Hip Hop Culture Council and as a Burberry Cultural Advisor focuses on curation of holidays, events, and themes related to holidays, events and themes. Additionally, he has led various internal and external Spotify events and programs.

Jernigan has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $397 Thousand. Since 2007, he has participated in over five CVR Inc stock trades worth a combined total of approximately $544,178; these transactions represent 16 years as an investor shareholder for him.

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