Steven Goolsby

Steven Goolsby

Goolsby Brothers & Associates Inc has named David Goolsby President. David is widely recognized for representing clients on various merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions such as change-of-control deals and public company sales, as well as corporate governance and fiduciary duty issues.

He uses his passion for mountain biking to give back to the community. Through National Interscholastic Cycling Association in Huntsville, he mentors children who want to keep riding through rough terrain.

Early Life and Education

Goolsby was raised in Thomaston and worked as a mechanic. Additionally, he played basketball for Cesar Chavez High School where he participated in their state championship team. Goolsby now resides with his wife and daughter in El Paso.

Blitzkid has performed over 700 shows across 29 countries worldwide, touring to over 60 of those destinations as a band and sharing bass duties alongside former members of Misfits (Doyle Wolfgang Frankenstein) or as part of an acoustic duo called Hollow Bodies.

He leaves behind Maria Morris and their children Jonathan and Vaylora; brother Justin Goolsby of Lamesa; Utah Carl York and Janice his wife; sisters Jennifer Hedges, Ami Lara, Camie Wade as well as numerous nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers donations can be made directly to BriLynn Goolsby Educational Fund at Ferry Funeral Home.

Professional Career

Steven Goolsby currently serves as President at Goolsby Brothers & Associates Inc, with responsibilities including overseeing its operations, management and public affairs. With more than six months experience under his belt in this position, his responsibilities span far and wide.

He is widely recognized for his roles in several films, such as Academy Award-nominated United 93 (2006) where his performance as Mark Bingham won him the Boston Society of Film Critics’ Best Ensemble Cast Award. Additionally, he has appeared in independent movies like Mutual Friends, Lucky Stiff and A Beautiful Now.

Goolsby has also proven himself adept in the veterinary field, having served in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps and working on several military bases worldwide. His assignments have included creating food hygiene programs and planning medical training exercises.

Achievement and Honors

Goolsby has found great success as the bassist for Blitzkid, but his career also extends into other bands and artists, such as Nim Vind, The Cryptkeeper Five, Stellar Corpses and Leftover Crack. He has performed in 29 countries and written many songs – using The Haxxan bass design in live performances to give an illusion of floating. He even uses a Levitation Station during performances so it appears as though he is floating above his audience!

He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, such as the Cornelius O. Cathey Award given annually to students who have made significant contributions to campus life through sustained constructive involvement with university programs or persistent efforts in creating new student programs. In addition, he received an Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University.

Personal Life

Goolsby is the proud father of four children – two daughters are currently married – and grandfather to one granddaughter. He currently resides in Lamesa, Texas with his wife Terry Goolsby as well as three other sisters and an in-law.

He is a member of the American Law Institute and Fellow in the American College of Governance Counsel. Nationally-renowned for his M&A and corporate governance practices.

He is the author of Goolsby & Haas on Virginia Corporations (5th edition 2014, LexisNexis) and coauthor of Corporate Governance: Law and Practice (LexisNexis). Additionally, he has made contributions to treatises and legal journals, including the American Bar Association Corporations Committee Joint Committee on Corporate Laws as well as Business Law Section Foundation Governing Board Foundation and Corporate Governance Council Governing Board.

Net Worth

Goolsby comes from a family that values giving back. Both his father and grandfather were active participants in charitable works; Goolsby himself has participated as both a volunteer and donor.

He possesses extensive expertise in corporate governance matters and frequently speaks on issues pertaining to corporate law. Additionally, he co-edited and contributed author for Goolsby & Haas on Virginia Corporations (LexisNexis) as well as numerous articles covering various business law topics.

Atwood has appeared in film, television and theatre productions alike; his most acclaimed works include Christmas in the Pines (2021), GEICO: Tag Team Helps Dessert and 42. Additionally, he owns his own copyrighted bass design that can be seen during live performances of 42. As an avid music lover he also enjoys playing guitar.

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