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Celebrity Profile – Steven Goodwin

Steven Goodwin, a veteran of the United States Army, has participated in multiple combat leadership and tactical training courses. He is widely respected for his knowledge of State Department operations, interagency coordination, foreign disaster management and WMD consequence mitigation.

He is the author of three industry standard textbooks on game programming, Linux and Free Software as well as two editions of “Smart Home Automation with Linux”. Additionally, he enjoys mountain climbing, fly fishing and pick-up basketball – hobbies which he practices passionately.

Early Life and Education

Steve Goodwin was an incredible husband, father, brother, son and friend whose loss will be greatly felt by everyone he knew. His passion was music; his laughter brought joy and comfort. Steve enjoyed traveling and spending time with family; he was also a proud fan of both Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers football teams.

Steve graduated from Iowa State University and Xavier University. Currently living in Ames, Iowa with his wife and two children, Steve enjoys running, traveling and Iowa State Cyclones athletics as well as photography and blogging.

Goodwin enjoys working closely with clients to transform their visions into timeless architecture that serves future generations. In his free time he enjoys community service work, watercolor painting and sketching by hand.

Professional Career

Stephen Goodwin practices labor and employment law at our Waterloo office. He represents employers in all aspects of human resources law, from employment contracts and wrongful dismissals/tort claims/harassment/discrimination claims/union matters/harassment in addition to union-related issues. Stephen has appeared before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, Workplace Safety Appeals Tribunals/Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario as well as arbitration panels to represent them successfully.

He provides guidance in corporate and commercial matters such as securities, capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, he represents issuers, investors and underwriters in securities transactions for private equity funds, venture capital deals and start-up financings.

He enjoys community and Church service, watercolor painting, hand sketching and leatherwork as hobbies. In his free time he is passionate about protecting Ohio’s water and land resources – being an Appalachia Ohio Alliance board member as well as sitting on ENRAS Executive Council.

Achievement and Honors

Goodwin has written three industry-standard textbooks for the games industry as well as numerous articles and online resources. He is a strong proponent of using games and technology in education settings and frequently speaks at UKUUG and FOSDEM conferences.

He has an affinity for nature, and is actively engaged with various environmental organizations. He has worked to preserve natural areas while contributing to the establishment of nationally designated scenic rivers.

He is a Christian conservative veteran who believes his duty to his nation does not end when he wears out his uniform. As an active participant in local community politics and civic action events, such as school board meetings and civic action events. Additionally, his artwork explores themes of identity and class.

Personal Life

Goodwin was known for being a Christian conservative and attended various community action events in his area. Both he and his wife also volunteered at their children’s schools.

One summer, Melissa visited her parents. While watching her father play piano, Melissa noticed how his melody began deteriorating due to early-onset Alzheimer’s and that his ability was gradually becoming diminished. Melissa could see his music fade as it disappeared through him.

Naomi casually asked Melissa how her father was doing, and Melissa explained his diagnosis. Naomi offered assistance, but Melissa declined as she didn’t want her father feeling ashamed by his diminishing skills – all she wanted him to keep playing music – she just wanted him to keep enjoying his songs – something Naomi understood perfectly; soon thereafter she learned 16 songs by Goodwin herself!

Net Worth

After over 10 years in the industry, he has amassed considerable wealth through acting and advocacy work. This has only increased his net worth even further.

He provides advice to clients in estate planning, settlement of estates, administration of trusts and assisting banks, trust companies and professional fiduciaries with complex estates and trusts.

Goodwin currently owns 27,475 units of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. stock. Over time he has made numerous trades; the most significant being an 84,028 unit sale on 13 March 2009 that netted him over $71,424. In total he has made 416 trades over 14 years.

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