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Orthodontist – Dr Steven Gajda

Steven Gajda is a licensed North Carolina general contractor and has contributed his skills and passion for his work on five Cashiers Designer Showhouse homes. He takes great pleasure in serving each patient and providing orthodontic treatments.

Gajda was an officer known for knowing local gang members and frequently drawing humorous cartoons of his colleagues; therefore his death was a shock for the Hollenbeck Division. A suspected gang member shot and killed him with a.25 caliber semiautomatic handgun.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Gajda was raised in Chicago where both his parents were actively engaged in sports – his father being a Golden Gloves middleweight champion, while also competing in bodybuilding at two National competitions and placing in the top five at both competitions.

Gajda’s colleagues who gathered Thursday afternoon at Hollenbeck division to mourn him brought back memories of his energy and joy for life, from playing practical jokes on coworkers to turning everyday events into spirited competitions with his three younger brothers to working hard at cracking down crime in the community he so enthusiastically supported.

Gajda was on gunfire suppression detail with the LAPD’s Gang Enforcement Team when he encountered Machado, who shot him several times with his.25 caliber semiautomatic handgun. Gajda had chased after Machado after learning he had been involved in shooting another officer earlier in February.

Professional Career

Dr. Steven Gajda takes great pleasure in treating each patient entrusted to him as an orthodontist, taking great pleasure in witnessing their transformations and appreciating the commitment and hard work involved – having himself undergone orthodontic treatment himself as a child!

Bodybuilding was his initial professional specialty. He earned the 1996 AAU Mr. America title and quickly established himself as an innovator within the sport, helping develop gyms and training centers in Chicago to further support it.

At Thursday’s Roll Call at Hollenbeck Division, officers consoled one another and shed tears as they remembered Gajda fondly. Officers remembered him as an experienced streetwise officer who knew local gang members as well as being courteous and humorous – drawing cartoons of fellow officers in his department!

Achievement and Honors

Gajda earned several accolades while serving with the LAPD, but perhaps what stood out most about him was his humorous side and impeccable leadership qualities. He loved telling jokes and performing impressions even while on patrol – always looking out for his colleagues as a leader!

Samuel Eineichner was the beloved father of Samuel Eineichner and Abbey Gajda and grandfather to Hailey and Maxwell. He was the son of Carol and Allan Eineichner; and had four siblings: Jeffrey Uneichner, Shari Karlik and Jeffrey Eineichner who all supported Grafton.

He was part of the Debno, Lezajsk, Podkarpackie Poland family and had 13 siblings. At age 84 he passed away in Mauldin South Carolina. Donations can be made in his name to the Hollenbeck Division.

Personal Life

Dr. Gajda was amazed and intrigued by his orthodontic treatment experience as a teenager; this event inspired him to pursue orthodontistry as a career path. Now an orthodontist himself, Dr. Gajda takes great pride in every patient or treatment case that crosses his path.

Officer Steve Gajda had spent hours planning his wife’s birthday celebration before heading out the door on New Year’s Eve, when tragedy struck when he was fatally shot by a murder suspect he was pursuing at an outdoor party in Boyle Heights.

Police allege the victim was trying to subdue a 17-year-old gang member named Mario Machado who was wanted for allegedly killing another teenager with a.25 caliber handgun in February.

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