Steven Duhon

A Look at Steven Duhon

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LSU coach Jerry Stovall first saw Duhon play for Belmont Academy in Opelousas and immediately knew he would become an elite college linebacker.

Duhon abandoned his career tackling running backs at Tiger Stadium to specialize in steer wrestling, winning three Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association world championship titles in steer wrestling competition and qualifying for eight national finals during his time.

Early Life and Education

Steven Duhon grew up on a horse farm in Opelousas and started riding as soon as he could walk. His father Billy trained racehorses and competed in rodeo. Duhon received an athletic scholarship offer to LSU but instead pursued his passion in rodeo arena instead; becoming three-time Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association World Steer Wrestler Champion Stew Wrestler instead.

He qualified for eight national finals and was honored to become part of two Halls of Fames before calling it quits in 2003. Since then he has raised cattle, trained and sold horses, hosted rodeo events for children interested in rodeoing as well as hosting any future rodeo competitors.

Duhon observes his circle of life with pride as his older son Steven competed in football while Dustin took part in rodeo teams at small Texas colleges.

Professional Career

Duhon was honored with induction into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame after going from tackling running backs at LSU Tiger Stadium to winning three Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association world championship steer wrestling titles and qualifying for eight national finals during his 14 1/2-year career. Today, he works as a cattle rancher while mentoring younger competitors looking to join this exciting sport.

Duhon was a talented athlete, capable of excelling at baseball and football enough to earn him a college scholarship, but when his coach presented him with an ultimatum he chose rodeo as his passion. Duhon loved the thrill of riding out from a chute on an aggressive horse to chase after two or three running back-sized steers before grappling them down for wrestling matches with other competitors from top rodeo names. He thrived off competition among them!

Achievement and Honors

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Steve Duhon’s journey has been an astonishing one – from one year of football at LSU to becoming a three time Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association world champion steer wrestler and eight National Finals rodeo appearances. On Thursday afternoon he was honored by being honored as part of six inducted members into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame; adding another layer to an already strong Tiger contingent; being one of only six who earned accolades in both high school and college athletics.

Personal Life

Steven Duhon was cycling along Fork Shoals Road in Greenville, Louisiana on a Saturday afternoon in 1985 when he was hit by a car. This caused concussion, broken bones, and other serious injuries requiring almost two weeks in hospital to recover from.

After being forced to choose between football at LSU and rodeo, Duhon made his choice and quickly established himself as a pro rodeo star; eventually becoming three time world champion steer wrestler.

Since his retirement from professional rodeoing in 2000, Duhon has continued his life in Texas by raising cattle, training horses and selling them, hosting children who want to try rodeoing themselves and competing occasionally in amateur rodeos.

Net Worth

Duhon currently coaches the Marshall Thundering Herd men’s basketball team and was an NBA star, earning over $150 million during his time in the league. Unfortunately, however, Duhon was involved in controversy when Wachovia sued him in 2011 over an alleged real estate investment deal and sought $16 million damages as compensation.

Duhon was raised surrounded by horses and rodeo, hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps as an accomplished rodeo rider; but when it came time for him to make a decision between pursuing football at Louisiana State University or going the rodeo route, Duhon chose rodeo.

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