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Meet Steven Ding, a Small Business Owner and Community Leader

Steven Ding possesses vast experience in both politics and business, having served as chief of staff to former Rep. Richard Pombo and owning Woodbridge Crossing restaurant in Lodi.

He understands the value of hard work, having supported himself since high school by working after-school jobs and bussing tables at his restaurant in his free time.

Early Life and Education

Steven learned early that hard work pays off and respects its value. At just 13 years old he started delivering the Stockton Record himself and bussing tables during “free time”. Steven understands first-hand the significance of paying your own way.

After graduating from Stagg High School, Steve attended San Joaquin Delta College before transferring to Chico State. There, he worked for a local nightclub as a doorman before hearing business owners complain of unfair treatment by the city council and organizing four replacement members from small business.

Steven is derived from Old English stfn, stemn (“voice”). Additionally, its root can also be seen in Greek and Latin Stephanos and Esteban.

Professional Career

Steven Wright is a professional comedian acclaimed for his albums, television appearances and film credits. Each year he receives The Johnny Carson Award as recognition of his influence within the comedy community and for making their mark within it.

Ding established Hong Kong’s first cancer support group and Mandarin and Cantonese translation services to assist cancer patients communicate with their caregivers. Ten years into her own battle against cancer, Ding created a scholarship at MCV to honor and remember her faculty mentor and encourage volunteerism.

Ding’s work explores the imperfections of intimate communication and how even strong relationships inevitably falter over time. His works are represented by Denny Gallery (New York and Hong Kong) and Braverman Gallery (Tel Aviv), where they provoke strong yet inarticulable feelings that require meditation for comprehension. His paintings are both meditative yet intense – often catalyzing powerful emotions difficult to describe with words alone.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Ding is an assistant professor in Queen’s University’s School of Computing where he heads up the L1NNA Artificial Intelligence and Security Lab. His research spans machine learning, data mining and cybersecurity; winning him both the FRQNT Doctoral Research Scholarship of Quebec as well as McGill’s Dean’s Graduate Award. Currently his projects are funded by BlackBerry Cylance and Defence Research and Development Canada.

On January 6th 2023, Richard Pombo was elected to represent over 1 Million residents living in San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors District 4. This marked his return to politics after 16 years away; before that he worked closely alongside former California Representative Richard Pombo between 1993 and 2007 in Congress as his aide. On Wednesday morning he was officially sworn into office.

Personal Life

Steven Ding is an exemplary small business owner and community leader. From an early age he realized the hard work it takes to succeed; his first job was delivering newspapers on his bicycle for Stockton Record newspaper delivery company before working daily at his family restaurant. Steven is a strong supporter of local businesses that create employment in his community; keeping them open is important to keeping our economy strong.

Ding is competing against Steve Colangelo to replace Chuck Winn as District 4 Supervisor on the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, representing District 4. Ding served as chief of staff to former US Rep Richard Pombo for 14 years, before opening Woodbridge Crossing as a family restaurant. Ding claims his political and business experience make him well suited to take up this position.

Net Worth

Steven has an unwavering commitment to hard work, and understands the necessity of effort in order to reach success. Growing up working after school at his family store in Stockton taught him the value of buying things himself while delivery drivering and busboying taught him another side of purchasing power.

Steven enjoys painting and playing piano in his free time, sharing some of his artwork on his website. Additionally, he’s an avid reader with a great sense of humor who counts Woody Allen and George Carlin among his comedic inspirations.

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