Steven Chadwick

A Look at Steven Chadwick

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick will step down after nearly nine years as mayor, leaving behind an incredible political legacy far greater than her single term in Parliament.

Dick Frizzell never could have predicted his little sister would become a politician – she took to it like an expert! And yet she experienced both its highs and its lows.

Early Life and Education

Chadwick earned his undergraduate physics degree at Oxford and quickly joined Rutherford’s laboratory after graduation.

He spent his time searching for neutral particles known as neutrons that did not carry an electrical charge and could penetrate atoms’ nuclei without creating an electromagnetic field, leading him to the discovery of nuclear fission and thus making possible the creation of atomic bombs.

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Professional Career

Steven Chadwick has over three decades of experience working as a metallurgical consultant. Throughout this time he has served in various capacities within gold and base metals mining/processing operations; possessing extensive knowledge in mining processes, chemistry and mineral engineering.

He then prepared a report in the summer of 1941 which summarized all British atomic bomb research. President Roosevelt read this report and the US started pouring millions into its own atomic bomb program.

Chadwick Boseman is a celebrated actor who has garnered many awards for his film and television work. Most notably, his recent role as Black Panther earned him several honors such as a BET Award for Best Actor and Screen Actors Guild’s Award for Outstanding Male Performance in a Leading Role.

Achievement and Honors

Chadwick has been working as a professional actor for more than 50 years and has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows over that time, such as Academy Award-nominated movies The Father and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Additionally, he has received many honors and awards, such as Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards and an AARP Lifetime Achievement Award.

His main contribution to atomic science came in 1932 with his groundbreaking discovery of neutrons — electrically charge-free particles capable of penetrating heavy atom nuclei and splitting their nuclei apart – which eventually lead to nuclear fission and eventually led to the creation of an atomic bomb.

Chadwick amassed an outstanding 60.1 winning percentage during his time at A&M-Corpus Christi, leading the Islanders to five Southland Conference Tournament titles and six regular-season titles in addition to being recognized twice with Southland Conference Coach of the Year awards and coaching two First Team student-athletes (including Makinna Serrata).

Personal Life

Chadwick has three children of her own. As she would often fall asleep listening to the sounds of her parents chatting late into the night, Rama recalls his mother bringing “her crazy ideas on board”.

She lost her Rotorua electorate seat to Todd McClay of National, but returned to parliament as the 30th place on Labour’s list.

Chadwick served on both the Health Select Committee and Justice Select Committee before helping pass the Smoke-free Environments Amendment Bill in 2021. As former deputy mayor of Rotorua she also assisted with this legislation’s passage. Currently Chadwick leads Leech Tishman’s Real Estate practice group while often speaking out on related real estate and business topics as part of Energy & Natural Resources Industry Group membership.

Net Worth

Steven has amassed quite the fortune from his acting career; his estimated net worth stands at approximately $3 Million. He has featured in multiple movies and television shows over his time on screen.

Steven is currently single and prefers to keep his personal life private, not discussing it openly in public. He attends four or five gym training sessions per week while maintaining a nutritious diet.

He is well-known as an exceptional dancer, enjoys playing sports with friends and practices martial arts. Additionally, he’s an animal enthusiast with three pets at home; big fans of Tom Hanks and Jim Carrey; also an avid watcher of action movies/thrillers with a collection of action movie posters!

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